This particular article will focus on individuals who are interested in making relationships with the spirits, and may be informative for those who are interested in how the shamanic practitioner – spirit relationship can work. What follows applies to all of the following: people who are interested in learning how to channel, people who plan on attempting to journey on their own, individuals who have encountered or wish to encounter spirits (nature, fairy, people, animals, ancestors, holy figures, angels… etc) they would like to get to know better through conversations or other means.



Let me start by talking about trust. This is a very important of aspect of working with the spirits. For instance, there is a reason that there is a taboo around using an Ouija board: You don’t truly know who you are getting in contact with.

Are they evolved spirits?
Do they have a personal agenda?
Do they have your best interest at heart?
Do they know what they are talking about?

I believe some people have used the Ouija board safely, and I’m not making a blanket statement for or against its use. But you need to keep in mind any time you are calling spirits into an interaction, would you open you door to any stranger who showed up knocking?

You certainly do not want to start interactions with the spirit world through fear, because you don’t want to attract a situation to yourself through fear.

There is no need for fear.

What you do want to do is proceed in a smart manner, one that you would use for any absolute stranger. In shamanic work, and I believe this is likely needed in all work with the spirit world, what you are working on is BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP. You need to learn answers to all the questions I mentioned before. You need to learn if the spirits are trustworthy and build trust in your relationship with them over time.

Spirit Light ImageIf your instincts tell you that the spirit you are working with is loving and has your best interest at heart – that is a good piece of information. Feeling that way is a good starting point from which to begin building a relationship. Next you begin to see how the information and ideas the spirit shares with you pans out. Does the information seem to help you? Do you feel that your life moves in a healthy direction because of the interaction you are having with the spirit teacher you are working with?

Over time you should see if the information and ideas that you get through working with a given spirit or group of spirits is useful and increases your well being. Most teachers from the spirit world will not be offended if you test out the information that they give you, or if you decide to do something a different way then how you have been advised. Most spirit teachers understand that your life is yours, not theirs and that you are the person ‘steering the ship’ so to speak.

In many of the shamanic journeying classes taught in the United States, a teacher will begin by having you search for your spirit guide in the upper or lower world. The purpose of this is to move you out of the middle world. The middle world is the spiritual equivalent of the real world that you live in day to day. The spirits that you meet in the middle world can be very informative. It is also possible to meet spirits who have not passed on, or do not have good advice. Depending on what or who you are talking to, the information that you get in the middle world can have an agenda or point of view. The middle world is a good place to obtain information. It is the place where shamans find out information about nature, healing plants, and sometimes ancestral information. It is possible to obtain information that is not correct when you are in the middle world.

It is a good idea to start your first interaction with an evolved spirit. What that means is a spirit who doesn’t have an ego. This type of spirit isn’t involved with the opinions and agendas of the world. Rather this spirit will always have your best interest in mind, and will not have a personal agenda. You can ensure that you meet this type of spirit if you pass through the barrier that separates the middle world through to the upper or lower worlds. There are journey books which describe this.

hand touching rose spiritI want to emphasize that there is nothing wrong with learning from spirits in the middle world. In some cases it is possible to meet an evolved spirit in the middle world. The most important thing to remember is when you travel to places that are the spiritual equivalent of the regular world and the universe it is particularly important to evaluate the information you receive.

To give you an example: You might journey and have a conversation with the spirit of a mountain. This mountain might tell you how you must follow a given rule in spiritual work. You simply must always… bury your healing crystals in the earth to clean them (their energy.) In actuality there are many ways to clean a crystal. There is certainly nothing wrong with the advice, but it may be that it’s coming to you from a specific point of view. You, being a person who has cleaned crystals successfully by placing them out in the sun, can use your common sense and reject the advice that you must always clean a crystal in the earth.

Be careful not to take on a dead person as a spirit teacher, by this I mean one that has not passed on. If they have not gone to the light, they have not reconnected with their higher knowing and their advice is suspect. You may find you have a relative or friend that has passed on, whom you work with. This is fine, as long as they have crossed over and reconnected with their higher knowing.

It is important to have an open mind for any information you are given. Sometimes advice that seems odd can yield very powerful results. This is where trust comes into play again. If you have built a relationship of trust with your spirit teacher, then you can more readily trust advice or information that you do not immediately see the value of. If you do not yet know and trust a spiritual teacher then there is nothing wrong with evaluating the advice or proceeding cautiously.



The next thing I wanted to discuss is the energy that comes with working with spirits. When you work with spirits they can effect your own energy. You can feel light headed / dizzy / spacey or feel a sense of being highly charged. The reason behind this is that the energy of some spirits work at a different speed then yours and you absorb some of that energy when you work with them. I hear of this most frequently from people who do a lot of work with angels. The angel’s energy is so high, or different than the individual, that they sometimes feel quite out of it when they do a lot of work with angels.

IEnergy Flow Colorsf you proceed to work with your spirits in a balanced way, in other words if you do not rush things and force a more powerful experience than what comes naturally, then the effects of working with them should not be too much for you to process. What is supposed to happen is that you become… more grounded. I see this as being the same way electricity works. In electricity there is always a wire that goes to ground. Perhaps the best example is the lightning rod that a person puts on the house. The lightening strikes the rod, and the energy of the lightning travels through a wire into the ground or something that disperses the energy.

The idea behind a ground connection is that, if there is any extra energy, it goes into the ground and doesn’t overload the electronic device. There is always a ground in a proper electronic device. By analogy, the same principles work with people. As a person begins to work with the spirits, they should learn how to increase their own connection to ground or the earth. As that connection improves, an individual can work with more and more energy.  Just as with a lightening rod, any excess energy is sent into the earth.

Some people have this happen naturally and never realize that it has occurred. The act of doing shamanic work can naturally lead to a better connection with the earth, and therefore to a better ability to handle large amounts of energy. It is also natural for a person working with spirits to feel over charged at some point or another as the adjustment process of working with the spirits plays itself out. If this happens go walk outside in nature, or sit at the base of a tree.

standing in flowersWhat should not happen, however, is for you to lose your grasp on day to day life. You should not feel light headed all the time. If you’ve had a major healing sometimes you will feel out of it for as long as a few days or even a few weeks. But this is a special case and even then you should still be able to function in your day to day world.

I am bringing this up because of stories I have heard where an individual’s life goes through a type of train wreck as a result of doing spirit communication work. Some people like the way the energy makes them fly, or feel ungrounded. Some people seek out that feeling of not being here and wish to feel it as much of the time as possible. In shamanism, the practitioner is ALWAYS trying to make a better connection with the earth. That means being HERE, and being plugged in to your regular life.

If you feel that your work with the spirits has made it difficult to engage in the stuff of life, talking to your friends, paying your bills, going to work. If that problem does not correct itself over time, then you probably have a grounding problem. It is best in shamanism, and probably in any spiritual practice, to learn how to be in your body and remain connected to your day to day life. Shamanism is not meant to provide an escape from your life. It can change a lot.  You can have a life you never thought you might have, but your eventual goal is to be plugged in to the life that you have.

I know that some people have gone through such a life change as part of their entry into spiritual work, that they had trouble getting a hold on things for a while. Over the course of a year or two years they can undergo such a transformation of self and life that they don’t necessarily feel like they can get a handle on things during this time. This is not necessarily a bad thing, so I want to be clear about what I am talking about.

What you want to avoid
is rushing the spiritual process
so that you take on so much energy
that you can’t process it.

Sometimes the energy that comes with the work feels so good, that there is a natural feeling of give me more more more. You need to know that it’s important to have balance. There is a process taking place where you are adjusting and developing your capacity to process higher amounts of energy. It’s a good idea to take your time, and let the process lead you. Some of the most powerful experiences can be very subtle.


What the Spirits Know and Do Not Know

What the spirits have to teach you can be profound and work on multiple levels of meaning and healing. A spirit teacher will often have great insight into unconscious motivations and things that are holding you back. They will often know the source of an illness or an emotional condition. However, they are not always as versed on day to day living – earth life. That is why you are always the authority on what is appropriate when interacting with others, or in certain day to day activities. You are responsible.  You cannot just say ‘but they told me to’ when you gut was telling you something might not be a good idea.

mountain light cropIf you feel that something that the spirits are advising you to do isn’t going to work for you, or the person that you are assisting through your spiritual work – talk to your spirit teacher(s) about that. Discussion is good. It’s often possible to come up with a different approach that will also work. It may be that you just need to take the plunge. It is also possible that you are taking a message too literally. Having a discussion with your spirit teacher could reveal that you aren’t supposed to quit your job, but rather it’s your focus on wanting to quit that is keeping you stuck.

When you ask a question, be clear about what you really want. For a spirit, almost all experiences are positive because of the great learning they have to offer you. If you are considering taking a job, but want to have financial security through it, don’t ask ‘should I take this job?’ Instead ask, ‘will this job provide me with financial security?’ That spirit might know that it would be a really good healing for you to deal with your fears over financial security by taking a shaky job.  If it knows you do not want that, the spirit can give you a more informative answer.

The evolved spirits I mention earlier, will always give you direction and information that supports your highest good. Your highest good might not always coincide with what you want at a given time. This is where some confusion might come in. Didn’t the spirit know that I didn’t want to have a job that wasn’t financially secure? Perhaps they do, but the default answer will always be one that leads you to your highest good and the most powerful healing. That is why you need to be clear about what you want at a given time. (Right now I’m leaning away from highest good and towards financial security!!) It’s your choice to make. An evolved spirit will not interfere with your free will.


You Have Free Will

Some shamanic traditions have rules that have been handed down for generations. I have heard stories about the risks of angering the spirits by breaking with traditions. I cannot speak from that experience. I can only speak from the experience of shamanic practice in the US (those of us who came here in the last few centuries) whose traditions are lost and the chain of such rules broken. Perhaps what I say only applies to such practitioners.

A spirit who says “you must absolutely always do it this way” is probably not an evolved spirit. A spirit may start out with strict rules to help you grow. It may urge advice or a certain action very strongly. But unless you’re doing something that will harm another person, a spirit teacher should be supportive of you in your concerns. That doesn’t mean that your spirit guide will be nice. Some are pretty direct, and don’t pull any punches (which can seem like a lack of support.) Your spirit teacher may not support you to be weak, or to be in fear. This is the main point:

An evolved spirit will not seek to control you.

man sunset reflect waterYou have absolute free will. That is the rule of order, it is inviolable. If you ever feel like you’ve gotten in over your head with the spirit world remember that. “I have free will.” Feel the truth of that in your heart, in your gut, and in your bones, and the truth of your safety will be the reality.

If you’re a control freak… type A… very certain about what you know… be careful not to confuse a spirits attempts to loosen you up with an attempt at controlling you.

Usually people who are very clear about having their way also need to learn how to go with the flow. Such people make excellent shamans if they can ever loosen up enough to listen to the information that comes from the spirit world, and accept information that is contrary to what they might believe. That type of will is very helpful when you’re removing energy that needs to be removed, or dispelling spirits that should be moved on. It is a hindrance to becoming a hollow bone. A shaman must learn to become a servant of the healing process, so as not block someone from getting the healing that is best for them.


How the Spirits Communicate

Deer cardSpirits communicate in all sorts of ways: smells, feelings in your body, sounds. Sometimes you don’t get any visual information. Partly, information is conveyed to get you out of your head, to get you to understand in a deep multi-leveled way. The spirits will often be quite insistent on communicating to you in the way they have chosen. It can be frustrating, but often turns out to be rather powerful. See more about Symbolic Communication.

In one of his essays, George Orwell talks about how the phrases we use in the media and daily talk “anesthetize the brain.” Phrases like ‘find closure,’ ‘stay the course,’ or ‘toe the line’ are so often used that we don’t really think about what they mean anymore. Orwell points out that because we don’t think about what we are saying, we really aren’t thinking at all. The ready made phrases just pop out of our mouths, or into our writing.  Because of that we don’t have to stop and consider what we really mean. Do you really know what Toe the Line means or where it comes from?

I mention this because it is another way of looking at the phrase – get out of your head. How many times have you failed to notice something in your environment because you take its presence or meaning for granted? So when I say that the spirits want to get you out of your head, it may be better to say they want to “wake your brain up.” That is why the communication from the spirit world can come with strange metaphors, or baffling phrases. You need to think, you need to engage.

The oddest advice from the spirit world can be the most powerful. Shamanic healing and information do not follow the rules of the regular world. Known rules produce known results. So that is also why you don’t want to reject what you are told out of hand. It is why trust is so handy. It’s easier to give strange advice a try when the trust is there.


The Purpose of Spirit Communication

woods light shine down2Ultimately, spirit communication is about the transfer of energy. Information is energy. Healing is energy. Through their presence the guiding spirits are trying to aid this world in our efforts to evolve, and be healed of past wounds. They are offering a helping hand. All living things have a spirit, wisdom, and something worth while to communicate. The energy of the spirit can fuel change.

The shamanic practitioner is attempting to make a link from the spirit world into this world. By being well grounded or connected to the earth, by being in their body, and by being HERE – they can become a conduit for that energy to enter and aid the world HERE. It may be to help one’s self only, or a small group, a society, or even the whole world.

If you are not living here, if you spend most of your time with your personal energy being “somewhere else” – you can’t be a bridge. You cannot be a bridge to a place you are not in. That is why shamanism is not about getting away from it all, not without bringing it all back again.


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Talking to the Spirits — 29 Comments

  1. I sometime see spirits and I don’t know what to do with this. Sometimes they come in the night and stand by my bed and sometimes I see them in my dreams in the form of a love one. I would like to know why do I see spirits and what am I suppose to do with this gift. I also see lights all the time sometimes large flashes of lights sometimes colorful lights sometimes lights that wake me up at night, can someone help me to understand what is going on with me.

    • There are some people that have an ability to see spirits. What you describe is similar to what other people who can see spirits will experience. The ability does seem to run in families, where you might have had someone a few generations back who could also do this. But often it wasn’t something that was openly discussed, so the knowledge of how people handled it in the past was lost.

      Not everyone who sees spirits are meant to work with them. Just as a person who has a really strong sense of smell might not do anything with his or her gift, or a person who has an exceptional sense of taste might not become a food taster. Just because you are perceiving something doesn’t mean you have to do anything with your perceptions.

      However, some people are called to work with spirits. In this case, each person’s calling can be unique. Some people deliver messages from the dead to their loved ones. Some help people who have died move on from here to where they are meant to go next. Some people are simply meant to acknowledge the spirits, as if they are a touch stone that allows the spirits presence to be known. In this case, you probably are best looking for books on the topic.

      Protecting yourself is important, not because spirits are necessarily bad but communication with spirits can transfer energy. You can look at the Shaman Links post on Energetic Protection.

      If you are going to work with the spirit world, its a good idea to make a connection with spirits that can give you advice on what to do. You can do this through Shamanic Journeying. Or you can find a book on how to connect with spirit guides, such as Ask Your Guides: Connecting to Your Divine Support System

      If you can connect with some evolved helping spirits, they can give you guidance about how to proceed with working with the spirits in general.

    • Flashes of lights are spirits materializing or leaving in the same manner you have the gift because there in no boundaries between you and the next worlds or the vail is thinning that surrounds you. Some times people begin to see because their third eye has opened prematurely you have become awakened or your dying.

  2. hi…i am from india and i am suffereing a lot in my love life….i have tried everything possible to get a person back in my life but it is not working..i read this page and i was thinking if i can contact any spirit and ask all the questions that are revering in my mind and if they could help me in any way

    • If you are working with the spirit world, and the spirits are evolved or “highest good” spirits than they would not help you change the choices of another person. Free will is very important, and to get a person back implies changing his or her choices. Spirits can help you to get to the bottom of how your feeling, if you are opening to hearing the answers. In the context of shamanic practice, we contact the spirit world using the Shamanic Journey.

  3. Can shamanic practioner help me talk wit my mom? She left me 5 months ago .but I know she wants to tell me her unfulfill wishes.. though she passed with so many unfulfill wishes nd want to survive badly in this world… she fights like anything to survive. But alas cant continue. .
    I have heard people can help talking us to our loved ones who are no more part of this word. Is it possible nd true?

    • Individuals who can talk with spirits who have passed on are mediums. Some shamanic practitioners are the type that can talk with people who have passed on, and may list that as one of the things they do. This is also something that psychic mediums do.

      The choice to communicate is always up to the person who you wish to talk to, so there are no guarantees that you would be able to make contact with your mom. There can be various reasons for this, including that some people are not available soon after they have passed, may not be able to hold that kind of conversation so soon after they have died, to name a few.

      This is an area where unethical people have taken advantage of grieving people, so be aware of this pitfall. Psychic mediums who truly wish to help others are not trying to get you to come over and over again, to keep themselves in business. Often, one time will be enough, because it gives you the knowledge that you are still connected to your loved one. The best communication with loved ones who have past on, is a communication that allows you to move forward in your own life.

    • Its not always possible to immediately talk to a person who as just died. Sometimes they need a transition time, to absorb and learn from their recent life. They are not always ready to talk with their friends and loved ones immediately after they have passed on.

      I’m very sorry to hear about your girlfriend.

      Also, Shaman Links does not offer services to talk with dead people. You would need to find a reliable medium for that, and be careful to avoid sham artists that are pretending to be mediums. But you may also wish to give your girlfriend some time before you seek her out using a medium.

      When someone leaves us in this way, it can be difficult not to blame ourselves. I would not blame yourself for what happened. When we are very sad, it can be hard to find the joy inside ourselves. And the only way for any person to find joy, is to find it inside his or herself. If she was not ready or able to do that, then it was not possible that you could do that for her.

  4. This is highly informative ! However, I would like to invite you to interact with African spirituality. It does, in some respects, align with your views but there are major issues that are beyond them. For example, communication with the dead is a critical part of the living family members. If it is not given the attention it deserves, things go terribly wrong with the family. Many families in our South African society experience negative things in their lives that originate from unhappiness by their ancestors. In your article, you have not dwelt much on this phenomenon. It is an issue in South Africa.

    • Thank you for sharing the information. I am aware that African Spirituality works more fully with the spirits, and the spirits of the dead. Many forms of African spirituality have a more solid background with this work. This article was written for people who do not have this kind of background, and do not know what they need to know, in order to work with the spirit world safely. When you have been raised in a culture with this awareness, you understand the safe methods for working with the spirit world, and which things may offer danger. Many in western culture, do not have any advice to follow for contacting the spirit world, and need to know that it is important to make contact with spirits that you can trust. For those cultures who know how to contact the spirit world regularly, they also know ways for protecting themselves if they happen to contact with a dangerous spirit.

    • I am Asian of Hmong descent. I do agree that ancestors play a huge role and often interact with the living descendants. Not performing ancestral rites and obligations can lead to illnesses and sufferings. Different cultures do have different way of appeasing their ancestors. That can be through offerings, sacrifice, shrines, altars, and etc… when I deal with ancestors of other cultures, I realized their ancestors request different things.

    • I am glad Bonile brought this up because I suffered for years because of this, 8 years ago I finally followed my calling and I communicate fully and everyday with spirits. they talk to me better in the mountain and the sea, however on a daily basis they talk to me. I also don’t agree with the idea that people who communicate with spirits have free will, I say this because I always refer to the Noah effect, at least that’s what I call it, because every day I get told to do things, only later, maybe even after a year, I realize why I had to do them, I never get told why and sometimes I cry myself to sleep because I feel it’s against what I believe in but later I realize that life has a domino effect, if this wasn’t done that never would have happened, as a result I wouldn’t have been able to have positive results in something or other. The reason most people don’t realize this is that this can take days, months sometimes years, but I follow spirits on a daily basis and do everything they tell me because I realized that all the lives of people that came before me amounted to nothing because they refused to listen to spirits. I have a beautiful 19 year old daughter and I followed spirits for her sake, to give her a better life, not the one I had,full of abuse and pain. sometimes she is the one who says to me ‘mom always listen to spirits because you know they are always right’, sometimes it’s exhausting but I thank God that I took that route of listening all the time. whenever I don’t listening I see consequences real quickly. sometimes I have to do rituals so that I can cleanse them and keep away the bad ones, it’s difficult but I keep at it daily for the sake of my daughter and future generations. I live in South Africa and i’m a Zulu woman.

      • Thank you for your response.

        You are a good example of what it is like when you are working with spirits whom you are meant to work with. South African communities have strong traditions for working with the spirit world. However, often in the United States, and other places where the traditions of working with the spirit world have broken down… people do not know how to keep bad spirits away. They do not know how to tell the difference between a positive or negative spirit. You are listening all the time to spirits who you have a strong relationship with, and who you know are working to create health and a positive future for you and your family. You have the relationship of trust, that I describe in this article.

        In situations where a person gets in contact with a bad or controlling spirit, and does not have contact with positive loving spirits, understanding your have free will and your own choices is the most powerful way to stay safe and secure.

  5. I have a dark entity that has been following me for years it seems to be getting stronger it’s feeding off of me and my family you can feel it last time it got strong bodily harm was inflicted I’m in fear of my family can anybody help me

    • When someone is having problems with a negative spirit, there are a few things that can be done.

      Number one is to remember that you have free will, and you can set the rules in your house. If you are in a state of fear, this can be difficult. For those who are able to reach a state of calm, they can claim the permission of their home for who is allowed and not allowed to be there. Ask each member of the family to see sharing energy as an open door, and to see themselves close that door. Then feel a sense of knowing that this is your home, and that no one harmful has permission to be there.

      If you cannot reach a state of calm, you can ask for spiritual aid. There are specific spirits who are able to help with these types of issues, such as the Archangel Michael. You can make a prayer to him and to your own gaurdian spirits to either remove the spirit, or contain them until you can get more help. In some cases, this will be all you need to do. In other cases, it may be temporary help so you can find a person who can come and clear your home.

      There are various spiritual practitioners including shamanic practitioners who do the work of clearing spirits from homes. I do not have a specific resource for this, but the Shaman Links article on Shamanic Depossession Healing has a link at the bottom to healers who do compassionate depossession, and some of these healers will also know how to clear homes.

  6. This is very true. I am a shaman. I started a year ago and I’m still learning about my group of spirits (teams) and each role and duties they perform. Very good information. Thank you for sharing. I love this page.

  7. I am interested in study of Shamanism. I have experienced Spirit Journeys. What I do is concentrate on certain things and write poetry – often in rime – it is like a song or a story. I have no ancestors with whom I relate – no culture or tradition – so it is a lonely path for me. Many cultures have informed me and my inner guides. Sometimes I want to speak to others but so few understand. I will publish my writings in a book soon.
    Empathy for animals, insects and land. Personal observation and intuited information expressed in simple words.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas so that I have a comparison.

    • I am glad to hear that Shaman Links has helped you. You should know that everyone has ancestors. Even if you do not know who they are, they know who you are.

      I understand you mean to say that you do not have a tradition with members who can teach you what you do not know, many have this problem, and you are not alone in feeling this way.

      However, its important for you to know that you are not without support from your ancestors. Everyone who is doing spiritual work to help make the world a better place, also have spirit ancestors that wish to support them. All you have to do is invite them. You would want to specifically invite the ancestors who love and support you in the work you are doing, rather than ones who may be controlling or critical. But many of us have loving ancestors, who are only waiting to be invited to share their gifts, love and support with us.

      An invitation would be something like: “I invite the ancestors who love, support and accept me, to share their love and their gifts with me in a way that is for my highest good and empowering to me and my choices.”

      You may or may not see how they help you, but this allows them to share what they have with you. Any work is more powerful, when we invite the support of other loving people and loving spirits.

    • That is an understandable desire. You can of course find a reputable medium to check on your stepdad. There are a fair amount of scam artists who impersonate mediums. You can tell if a medium is reliable because they are often very loving, and aren’t trying to sell you on coming back over and over. There can be a transition period where a spirit is not ready to talk and won’t appear for a medium.

      However, something else to keep in mind is that a spirit who is ready can make contact with you in dreams or by drawing your attention to shared memories. If you hear a song on the radio, or are driving by a favorite restaurant, think of the person and feel like they are there with you… that is a loved ones way of letting you know they are around. If you get those feelings, thats a very good sign that your loved one has gone to a better place. You can ask your loved one if they can appear to you in a dream, or let you know they are OK in some other way.

      For those spirits that do not make contact right away, that does not mean they aren’t in a better place. Depending on what difficulties each person faces, there can be a period of time where they have to work through and understand what happened in their life.

  8. Since I was little I have been having dreams, to where they show me things. Things that have happened or what may happen. I remember telling my grandmother she was going to get very sick and sleep. I told her three specific numbers 4 17 02. However being 9 at the time, I didn’t know what it meant. Until She found out she had cancer, and on 4 17 02, she passed away.
    I took a DNA test not to long ago and not any part of my dna is native american. But I feel I am attached to them somehow..

    I Keep seeing a wolf when I sleep always flanking me or right beside me.

    Lately I have been having a reaccuring dream where Im standing on a hill overlooking a field. I see a man materialize as if out of smoke. He walks twords me, disappears, appears next to me, disappears again then appears one last time behind me. He holds me and whispers in my ear. ” My Wolf Eyes.” I turn to look at him but he is gone. Like a Ghost.

    Can you please tell me what this means.

    • My family has these types of dreams, they come from the Scottish or Irish ancestors. We didn’t talk about them publicly for several generations at least, because it was understood that if you were overheard talking about such things it could be dangerous due to the persecution of mystical and spiritual people. That means that the details of these types of foresight were mostly lost, details of how things were in earlier generations. You may be feeling you should be connected to the Native Americans because you sense you should have a legacy of spirituality that seems to you to be similar to theirs.

      At this time the Ancestry of some Native Americans are understood to have traveled the land bridge into North America, so that their more ancient ancestors came from Northern Asia. Some of those same people traveled into Northern Europe and Russia. Your intuition could also be related to knowing you have some shared ancestry that may not be from North America.

      With regard to your dream, it could be the wolf showing itself to you as a man, a spiritual ancestor that is closely related to the wolf in some way, a dream about yourself in a past life. There is no 100% way for me to tell you what your dream means. If you learn how to do the shamanic journey, you could go find that information directly for yourself.

  9. I was just curious if it is possible to get in contact with a Shaman that deals with summoning or talking to Djinn/Jinn. I really love reading the history about them, and I was wondering if it was possible to be able to attain one from a Shaman for a companion. But I don’t know any Shamans around California that practice working with Djinn. 🙁

  10. This may sound like an odd question but why are some shamans/psychics flaky? I have been worked on by many healers (at least 20). Two of the best healers I have come across were shamans. These two Shamans were inconsistent with communicating. Sometimes they would call/text me back, and sometimes they would not. Very recently, one of these shamans worked with me and everything went great. I saw significant progress. I was very hopeful that I would finally be cured of a long-lasting health issue. After our appointment, the Shaman told me to call/text him the following week to schedule another appointment if necessary. Since that time, I have reached out to this shaman at least five times. He has not responded. I don’t know if I did sonething wrong or if the shaman is trying to teach me something. It is very frustrating to be on the verge of healing; only to have my progress impeded due to a healer who chooses to ignire me. This same shaman has a reputation for being powerful and for being a great man. He also has acreputation for being very inconsistent with phone communication. I had a similar experience with another great shaman. What are your thoughts? Thank you

    • The main thing to know about healers… if the healer is the right one for you then, then you can’t really do anything wrong. The idea that “I did something wrong” and then didn’t hear back from a given healer, is something that we’ve seen said before on Shaman Links. An emotionally healthy healer will tell you if there is something you need to know, and not leave you guessing. If you have trouble connecting with a healer, you can see that has either that person isn’t the right healer for you, or the timing isn’t right for you to work with him or her.

      As for your question about shamans being flaky. Some of that can be true. It is better for shamanic healers to work on being more grounded, and an extremely flighty or flaky healer may mean that person isn’t doing a good enough job connecting with the earth, and being fully present. However, even a more grounded healer may not be good at all the electronics and communication, and keeping up with getting back to everyone. Keeping track of phone calls, and return phone calls is about good organization and you can be a good healer and be bad at organization.

      One idea would be to putting out a “prayer” to the healing spirits to help you connect with the right healer for you. Then try contacting people again. I am also guilty of having too many things to keep track of and some bad organization, but every so often someone calls me when I’m right by the phone. Or I suddenly remember that I had an email I forgot to reply to. I have always thought it was my helping spirits giving me a reminder. It wouldn’t hurt to put a request “out there” that any help connecting with the right healer would be welcome by you.

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