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General Shamanic Sites

Shaman Portal – Articles, Workshops, and Shamanic Organizations listed

Living Shaman Museum

Shamanic Visions.Com

Flight of the Condor – Contemporary Shamanism


Shamanic Organizations:

The Society for Shamanic Practitioners

Global Shamanic Teachers

Foundation for Shamanic Studies

A list of healers who perform Heart Centered Depossession

Shamanic Circles Home – locate shamanic drumming circles.

DREAM CHANGE COALITION – Shamanism, Activism, Rainforest Preservation …

Circle of the Sacred Earth Church – Church of Animism and Fostering Shamanic Practices

The Pacific Northwest Core Shamanic Community

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Shamanic Conferences:

Society for the Study of Shamanism

The Society for Shamanic Practitioners – Has a yearly conference for members (They may be shifting to local events.  They will post more when their updated website is ready.)

Shaman Links will also mention Conferences on our Shaman Blog


Cultural Specific

Shamana, The Raven Lodge – discusses some specific cultures

Bo & Bon Siberian Shamanism-Tengrism and Bon study

Hawaiian Huna Village

Fugara – The Bedouin form of Shamanism

Institute of Siberian Shamanism – in a foreign language


Subject Specific

Shamanism – Working With Animal Spirits

Cuyamungue Institute, Ecstatic Postures

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Online Classrooms

These were offering Shamanic Classes at the time they were added:

The Shift Network

The Spirituality Center

Shaman Links is Compiling a Full List of Online Shamanism Classes Here



SHAMAN Journal of the International Society for Shamanistic Research

Sacred Hoop Magazine: The Leading Magazine for Shamanism, Animism and Earth Wisdom click for a Free Publication of 27 of their articles.

Shaman’s Cave – Articles and Stories

Sacred Text Archive on Shamanism

365 Days of Journeys, Subscription

Blogs and Podcasts

Sarah Petruno Shamanism Blog

Marketing for Healers – Written by a Shamanic Practitioner

Why Shamanism Now – Internet Radio Show and Podcasts

Insights from the Edge, Sounds True Podcasts – Search Shaman to see many interviews with various shamanic Practitioners


The Shaman Links Book Directory

Korean History A Bibliography [RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY – Shamanism]

References to Native American Books, Botany Related – Smithsonian

Questia, Shamanism – search shamanism

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Women With Wings – Their CD “Songs Without End” have many common US shamanic songs, for purchase.


Ama Menec, Sculptor – Ashprington, Totnes, Devon, UK

Andrew Osta – Guanajuato, Mexico

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Shamanic Shopping

Cedar Mountain Drums – Makes great Rattles and Drums, will ship them to you

Shilo Satran, Shaman’s Dream – Also makes great beaded power animal bags and shamanic rattles

JourneySmith Shamanic Rattles and Drums

Nicholas Breeze Wood – in the UK

The Huna Store

Shamanic Art Ceremonial Drums and Rattles

Shaman Drums from Denmark

Sunreed Instruments – Drums handcrafted by members from the Apache and Pacific NorthWest tribes. Rattles, Singing Bowls, Drum Bags.

Tachini Drums – Native American from the Salish/Navajo

Thunder Valley Drums, Natural Shaman Drums – Kentuky

Living Drums Co.

Foundation For Shamanic Studies Shopping

Shamanic Music Store – focuses on music for use with journeying

Wild Reiki & Shamanic Healing Online Store and also see Shamanic Supplies

Shaman Links Pinterest Board Shamanic Shopping

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University Of Metaphysical Sciences – Humboldt County, CA – Lists various holistic modalities by location including Shamanic Ones, free listings for holistic practitioners, or more extensive listings for a fee

The Association for the Study of Dreams

School of Images – Kabbalah based school of imagination and dreaming

Susan Grey…Distance Healer of people, pets and places

Feather Atlas – A website for Identifying Feathers

Shaman Links has transferred most of our quotes to randomly display on the sidebar of our pages.  Your can also View a Random Quote.


General | Shamanic Organizations | Shamanic Conferences | Cultural Specific | Reading Sites | Art or Music | Shamanic Shopping | Other

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