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Shamanic Depossession by Peter Salomone

Peter Salomone: I’ve written this book to demystify a spiritual healing practice that is deeply misunderstood, of wonderful benefit, and much needed on a scale few people would suspect. Depossession has been part of the “natural hygiene,” so to speak, of countless human communities in many cultures through all time.

This book is based upon my extensive first-hand experience performing depossession for many ordinary people: the friends, family and neighbors we all know, whose sufferings have arisen from an unsuspected and widely denied cause. This is a form of healing that is so personal, natural, effective, humane, non-invasive, and inexpensive, that I wish to rescue it from the fringes of society, where it is regarded with doubt in our culture. Fortunately, the tide is slowly turning, as people are awakening to the deeper currents of the world’s spiritual traditions.

The book addresses these topics:

  1. The realities of death, the Afterlife, and the common event in which disembodied spirits who do not cross over invade the energetic field of the living.
  2. The variety of circumstances surrounding these spirits, and what determines the vulnerability of those they invade.
  3. The various pathways that lead people to seek out and accept shamanism, in our spirit-denying culture.
  4. The act of depossession itself: the dynamics that take place between the shaman, the client, and the invasive spirit.
  5. A critique of exorcism, which addresses the same challenge in an essentially negative manner, and produces undesirable results as well.
  6. The integrative process that a person experiences following depossession.
  7. A first-hand account of depossession by a client of mine.
  8. Reliable resources for further study.


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Paperback: 108 pages
Publisher: Visione Sciamanica; 1 edition (September 2, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0990728900
ISBN-13: 978-0990728900
Books on compassionate depossession are hard to find. Shaman books asked some compassionate depossession practitioners to read the book and confirm that the content is well founded.  One of our book reviewers said that it “succeeds in removing fear from this subject” and that its “certainly a good read for students of the work.” The only reservation being that in person training should be obtained in order to perform depossession, a recommendation which is mentioned in the book as well.

Genre: Shamanism Healing
Subjects: Depossession, Working With Spirits