Shaman Links Find Your ShamanShaman Links has been providing a list of shamanic healers and shaman teachers by state since 2003.  We have shamans listed for the majority of the states (47) in the US, and listings include Canada, Europe, Australia and South America.

The lists are provided for you reference, the individuals and organizations were not screened for the quality of the organization.  Rather, they are provided to give you a starting point in your search for shamanic healing, or shamanic learning.

The Shaman Links Teachers Directory  – List teaching individuals or organizations that offer shamanic learning experiences of some kind.

The Shaman Links Healer Directory – Lists shamans or healing centers which offer shamanic healing of some kind.

Not everyone chooses to call themselves a shaman.  But listings that do not use the word were asked to confirm that they consider their services ‘shamanic’ in some way.

Many individuals and organizations are listed on both pages, but some are not.  You should look at both pages if you are looking for both healing and teaching.  Each State/Country has a link to switch between pages.

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