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  1. Lauren, I like the article about which drum to choose. I’m sure it will be helpful to your readers. I also took a peek at the article about Healing Stories and I plan to go back and read it in detail. I like that you recommend books that are about composing healing stories.


  2. A wee tip. I did my training in Siberia and got dungurs – shaman drums – there. But as it is very dry there, and it’s more damp here in Europe, I had to get them to make the drums tighter, so that when they were brought to Europe they would still be tight and not flopping about in our wetter climate

    More info at –

    • Martina, Each person is unique and the drum that works for them can be just as unique. If you feel called to use a drum, that is a good sign that it is the right drum for you. Also, some shamanic practitioners find they will have more than one drum, because different drums carry different energies. For instance, I have a Buffalo drum that I never used for healing. I eventually found out that it is an ancestor drum, that I only use for special ceremonies.

      Small drums will sometimes be better for changes in humidity. Dry weather will tighten a drum and humid weather will loosen it. Large drums give a deeper sound, but because they are so large they sound more flat in humid conditions than a smaller drum does. Different hides are less sensitive to moisture. This is all part of seeing a drum as a living spirit, whose voice changes just as your does in response to the world.

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