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Journey Series: The Record Keeper Journey — 5 Comments

  1. This is amazing. I am so happy I found your site. My question is what if there were good memories that you had with a person or at a place like a bad job that you don’t want to get rid of? Does this process destroy memories or just energy? Does it destroy the good memories or energy?

    • Mona, I am happy to hear you found this site so helpful. The record keeper journey should not get rid of memories which still have “energetic content.” If you have memories that are happy or painful, those aren’t the ones that the record keeper journey is meant to get rid of. As a metaphor, you can think of this like recycling old receipts from purchases that were unimportant to you. Each record carries a tiny tiny bit of energy, but when you add up many of them, that energy becomes more significant.

      Your record keeper helping spirit knows which ones are more like old receipts, and which are important memories. Your helping spirit will not bring important memories. You may still wish to take it in parts if you see MANY records. I did one very big record keeper journey the first time I did this. There were too many records and once it was done it felt like too much. I felt overwhelmed. That was when I learned that I could do the “clearing out” a bit at a time.

      To clear energy related to certain bad or difficult memories, you would want to look at the link to Recapitulation. There are a variety of ways to clear up energy related to strong memories, and Recapitulation is a powerful way to do that. In the Shaman Links article, there is a link to another good article that describes the process. I did not wish to steal that website’s description, so I only shared the link. If you have a shamanic journey practice, you can also journey directly to your helping spirits and ask about the best way for you to clear out memories that carry more significant amounts of energy.

      As for happy memories, I have not considered whether it would be worth clearing energy from those. While it would seem like there is no reason to do that, it never hurts to go to your helping spirits and ask about it. Or if you don’t have a shamanic journey practice, to meditate on this question.

  2. Hello I read this as part of looking into recapitulation, which might be something that I need, need very much perhaps.

    The records thing is interesting, since it reminds me of a dream from few weeks ago, where my legs were caught up by CDs encircling them, and I was breaking of these CDs to be able to move better.

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