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Protecting Yourself From Negative Energy — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you for the education! I am working on emotional and spiritual safety for children and me. Is there any simple explanation why palo santo smudging has spiritual benefits? I want to purchase some, and use it as a family. However, i’m from a seriously Catholic background. The children have all been taught, until recently, to fear everything outside that world. I have to incorporate new knowledge gently, and with some degree of explanation. Also desire safety of these new goals against attack from the angry, severe source. I have to have safety, before i can openly “try” too much…… ????? or ????

    • As a Catholic you are aware of the use of incense. Using smoke for spiritual practices and spiritual cleansing is a very old practice. I do not know about palo santo smudging specifically. People often smudge with sweet grass or sage to clear a room of negative energy. That is because smoke can have a purifying effect on the energy in a space, and certain things when burned such as sage are considered to be like a type of medicine for the room. That is my term, but in a sense you are using something that has particular properties, in the way we use medicines.

  2. I’m wondering about the mirror visualization- bouncing negative energy back to the person who is sending it. It would harm them, and that doesn’t feel right. Why not visualize the mirror transforming any negative energy that hits it into something healing and sending that back instead?

    • Thank you for the comment Melanie, this is a good point to discuss. I understand your reservations, and you make a very good suggestion for a way not to send something negative back to a person. A visualization such as a rainbow mirror, or a healing mirror that transforms and returns energy could work really well. It should be very easy to do, and I’m very happy you have offered this suggestion to the Shaman Links visitors.

      Its important that you honor your instincts that it doesn’t feel right to send the energy back to a person unchanged. That type of instinct is one of our best guides for how to work with energy.

      However, I think its important to mention one other point.

      It is also true that when we send something back as is, we are sending back what that person created and not taking it on. It is not always necessary for you to be responsible for other people’s energy. For those who have been made a designated clean up person in their family, for instance, given a co-dependent role to be responsible for the well being of others, its important that he or she knows that she doesn’t have to be responsible for that other person’s energy. Its also OK to send the energy back as is, and trust in that other person’s ability to learn how to deal with what they’ve created.

      I mention this because the worry over whether their mirror method is working, could paralyze a person about even trying it. What if I didn’t set up the mirror correctly, and it doesn’t send that energy back healed? While I don’t think making this tweek to the mirror would be that difficult, I very much want to avoid anyone feeling that worry. You are NOT RESPONSIBLE for that person’s energy, and its OK to set up the mirror and trust that it will work as it is meant to. Sometimes when someone receives back what he or she created, that gives her an opportunity to deal with the truth of how she is at this time. It is not always a bad thing to receive back what you have created. It may provide an opportunity to learn an important lesson sooner, rather than later.

      The first step is not to take on unhealthy energy from others. Set up your mirror as Melanie has suggested, but don’t hesitate because your worried about getting it right. Trust that the other person will be able to deal with his or her own energy.

      • Great post. I pick up energies from people very easily. This is very eye opening. I think it is important to realize that I am not responsible for other people’s energy. I notice I would pick up on negative energy, analyze it and end up internalizing it. It’s almost as if I take it from the person, they’re okay and then I’m stuck with it. Great post.

        • I’m glad it helped you Mona. If you follow the link to the books on this post, you can see some books that give more details about energy protection. Although often, you can begin to change what you take in through awareness, and visualization, especially once you find one that resonates with you.

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