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Protecting Yourself From Negative Energy — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for the education! I am working on emotional and spiritual safety for children and me. Is there any simple explanation why palo santo smudging has spiritual benefits? I want to purchase some, and use it as a family. However, i’m from a seriously Catholic background. The children have all been taught, until recently, to fear everything outside that world. I have to incorporate new knowledge gently, and with some degree of explanation. Also desire safety of these new goals against attack from the angry, severe source. I have to have safety, before i can openly “try” too much…… ????? or ????

    • As a Catholic you are aware of the use of incense. Using smoke for spiritual practices and spiritual cleansing is a very old practice. I do not know about palo santo smudging specifically. People often smudge with sweet grass or sage to clear a room of negative energy. That is because smoke can have a purifying effect on the energy in a space, and certain things when burned such as sage are considered to be like a type of medicine for the room. That is my term, but in a sense you are using something that has particular properties, in the way we use medicines.

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