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New Shaman Directory, We’re Working Hard — 2 Comments

  1. This is very exciting! Will you also have a space to list free community events? I have a free online workshop for shamans and healers I’d love to list (how to run your own webinars and online classes). Would love to make it accessible to practitioners on this forum.

    • Unfortunately, as a free website, with a volunteer staff, we won’t be adding community events to Shaman Links. As it is, we are often behind processing applications to be listed on our Shaman Healer Directory. The new directory will automate the listing process.

      Based on the progress so far, we won’t be launching the new directory until 2017 at the earliest. We did successfully move Shaman Links to a new website host, which was necessary for the new directory to work well… so we are working on it!

      If you want to list your events somewhere, ShamanPortal.org has that service, although you might want to find a website that lists a variety of events so you can attract people from many backgrounds. Often a local publication, such as one for yoga, acupuncture, metaphysical, or holistic healing is a great place to list events. Sometimes even a local paper, or library newsletter, if is well established with listing community events will work well too.

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