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statue crown held over headThis journey is a good way to understand how you relate to power. You do this by looking at your past lives and seeing how you related to power in other lifetimes.

If you don’t believe in reincarnation, you can go look at the lives of your ancestors.  It can be informative to see how relationships to power have some bearing on the life you are living now, either because of past lives or due to the ancestors who got you where you are today.


The Journey to Understand Power

Intention: Ask to be shown the story of yourself in three lifetimes:
1. Where you had power and misused it.
2. When you were powerless.
3. When you had power and used it well.

Steps of the Journey:

  1. Journey to your power animal or teacher with your intention.  You can either do this as one journey or as three separate journeys.
  2. Observe the story you are shown in each of these three lifetimes.
  3. Return from your journey and write down what you saw.


After the Journey

This journey is really about self reflection and awareness.

  • What do the stories you saw tell you about your life now?
  • Can you see anything in your current life that is reflected in those other lifetimes?
  • Did those lives teach you lessons that you are using in your life now?
  • Do the journeys change the way you would relate to others who are powerful or appear to be powerless?


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statue crown held over head


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