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Where can I go for Online Training in Shamanism? — 15 Comments

  1. I was surprised to see Shamanism 101 wasn’t on this list. It’s hands down the best training I’ve found. It’s structured so you gradually learn techniques in a safe way and you begin by working on yourself first. You are paired with a mentor who has gone through the program and is trained in shamanic mentoring, so you are never alone and you have plenty of one on one personal guidance. I would highly recommend it.

    • Thank you for the information! I almost missed your comment in the spam folder, I’m thankful I checked. Anyone else who submitted, if you don’t see your comment here, please resubmit. I will pay closer attention to comments from this page in the spam folder.

  2. Old World Shamanic Online Training with Gregory Drambour, Master Shamanic Healer and owwer of Sedona Sacred Journeys. Author of three books on real world shamanism, The Woodstock Bridge, The Shaman & His Daughter, The Lead Guitarist & The Sisterhood of the Wolf.

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