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Fire Closeup burning logsChanging our Structure

We all carry old structures in our energy that keep us stuck.  This could mean old identities, old patterns inherited from family, habits, or old injuries.  When old energy isn’t just stored but is part of the energy structure that makes up our identity, its probably time to shake things up.

That’s what a dismemberment journey is all about.  This journey is a little different than one where your receiving a healing that removes something.  The intention is that your actual energy is restructured.  The structure that you have after a dismemberment no longer carries some of those kinks or knots that were limiting you in some way.


What is Dismemberment?

The word dismemberment is not a misleading one.  You go on a shamanic journey to your power animal or teacher and they break you into pieces.  Sometimes it will seem gentle, like a wind blowing you into sand.  Other times you will see your self torn apart limb by limb. The way the spirit world does this is endlessly creative.  Every shamanic healer has had this happen to them one or more times and no one’s story about this went exactly the same way.

You might ask: Why the spirit would would do something as scary as take your body apart?

fox croppedWell, sometimes our sense of identity is more tied up with our bodies than we think it is.  To see our body dismembered not only effects our energy but also can change the way we see ourselves.  Once the body is gone, you will notice you are still aware.  This can lead you to understanding that your awareness is not dependent on your body.  That you exist without a body.

Sometimes the spirit world will put you  back together (re-member you.)  Sometimes it will not, and you will return from the journey as pure energy.


Dismemberment Is Healing

glass cracking outwardA dismemberment journey is a healing, and after the journey you can feel different.  Occasionally your entire point of view about the world can be shifted for a time directly after the healing.  It can seem more beautiful or alive.  Everything around you can feel imbued with light and sacredness.

You can also feel unsettled or disturbed for a time because it was such a significant shift in your energy.  It can be disturbing to lose parts of your identity that seemed essential to you.  Although the spirit world will only remove things that are no longer required by you and that are keeping you back from reaching your highest potential, you may still feel grief at something that feels like a loss.


The Dismemberment Journey

So if I haven’t scared you off, and you would like to receive a dismemberment healing, how do you proceed?

Intention: To receive a dismemberment and “whatever else” they would like to give you.  (The second part allows the spirits to decide if they will re-member you or not.)

  1. Journey to a power animal or teacher you trust, with the intention above.
  2. Whoever arrives to meet you is probably the spirit who will help you with this.  (Even if different than who you expected.)
  3. Ask the spirit you meet for a dismemberment, and “whatever else they would like to give you”.  (In some cases the dismemberment will begin immediately without you needing to voice your intention.)
  4. If the spirits put you back together (re-member you) then return after you are re-membered.  If not, at some point you should know that it is time to return, and you will return in whatever form you are in… grains of sand…start dust… pure light… Otherwise return with the return beat.
  5. Upon returning, take a few moments to allow yourself to settle back into your body.  Move your fingers and toes, feel your breath moving in and out of your lungs.
  6. When you are ready sit up, But don’t rush this, you may need a short time to settle.
  7. You may wish to go outside, or go to a window and look outside.  Sometimes you will feel a connection to the world around you after a dismemberment journey.  Looking at nature can help you feel this connection.


When would you do a dismemberment journey?

You can have this journey any time, and as many times as you wish, there is no limit.  Some shamans find they are required to do this journey quite frequently.  However, for most people the journey is profound enough that they don’t need to do it more than one or two times.

  • You may consider doing this if your in a point in your life when you “feel stuck” in some way.  You can journey to your spirits and ask them if they think it will help you with that.
  • You can do this journey during major life change where your identity is changing.  Such as moving from parenthood into life after parenthood.  Shifting into a time of retirement.  Any time when you feel you are having trouble with a change in your identity.
  • You may consider doing this journey if you are trying to shift to a higher vibration.  If you feel you are on “one level” and want to move to “the next level.” This journey is a way to enable such shifts.


A more specific way of stating the intention for above issues can be “please take away that which is keeping me from…” The next part should be something that is involved with spiritual growth or your evolution.  It would be a good idea to do a journey on your intention to confirm that your not asking for something you don’t mean to ask for.

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