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Why Don’t I See My Comment on your Site?

Shaman Links reads and appreciates all the comments provided by our visitors. We receive various comments that express your appreciation and gratitude.  Thank you for your kind words.

At Shaman Links, we approve comments for public viewing based on those we think will help our readers. This includes comments which offer a different thought about the topic, new information, or questions that we think other readers might want to know the answers to.


Comments That Don’t Get Approved

Occasionally we get asked questions that are so specific, it does not seem like it would be helpful to a general audience.  If the question involves a tricky or complex topic, it may not be possible to answer simply in a reply comment.  We try when possible to reply to your question via email.

If your comment is to thank or praise us, we read it and are happy to know you’ve enjoyed the information at our site, even if we did not approve your comment.

There are also one or two articles that are so long and contain so much information that it is not the best place for additional comments.  The article on Soul Retrieval is an example of this. We offer the opportunity to comment on that article because we want to know if people have additional questions.  We try to look for other ways to include the information or questions you have made there, such as writing a new blog post on that question.

Finally, we do receive a lot of spam comments.  This makes it difficult to look through spam to see if any legitimate comments have gone to spam.  Our spam filter is very good.  While it is unlikely that your comment went to spam, if you are curious about your comment being approved you can use our feedback form to ask about your comment.

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