Are All Shamans Good?

To put it simply.  No. Shamans are a very human healer.  They are therefore subject to all of the pitfalls that other humans fall into. The shaman’s deep connection with the spirit world gives them access to insights that other … Continue reading →

Can I see spirits?

When people think of seeing a spirit, most people think of seeing them with their eyes.  But not everyone is visual in their ability to perceive spirits.  Your ability to sense spirits has to do with your innate abilities.  Generally this type of perception … Continue reading →

Shamanic Practitioner or Shaman?

Owl Inside Tree

In terms of definition, there isn’t much difference between calling yourself a shaman or a shamanic practitioner. (Unless your talking about web search results.*) As I mention in the Shaman Link’s page on Shaman Names, not everyone chooses to call themselves a … Continue reading →

What are Shamanic Drumming Circles?

Shamanic Drumming circles are a way to continue to practice shamanism after the workshop is over.  The offer a chance to experience shamanism in a community, learn new things, gain healing, and receive the boost that happens when ever shamanic … Continue reading →

Which drum is best for shamanic practice?

Taiko Drums

Uses for the Drum in Shamanism In shamanism, the drum is used for two basic purposes: to shift your state of consciousness or to move energy. When the shaman wants to journey they need to shift to a different state … Continue reading →