Confusion About Ayuhuasca and Shamans

Feedback to Shaman Links has shown that some people believe that Ayuhuasca and Shamanism are identical. That is incorrect. The practice of using Ayuhuasca originates in South America.  Many shamans / shamanic practitioners do not use Ayuhuasca in their practice.  For instance, … Continue reading →

The Shamanic Journey Series

Shaman Links is creating a Series of Posts on Journeying.  These posts will discuss different ways of shamanic journeying, answer some common journey questions, and provide some specific topics to journey on. As we create each post you will see them appear … Continue reading →

Emotional Pollution, Expressing versus Sending

The shaman knows that everything is energy.  Strong emotions are energy, and its important to know the difference between expressing an emotion versus sending it. Paying it Forward – Not in a Good Way When you send your emotion, rather than … Continue reading →

Recapitulation, Reclaiming Your Energy

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Where is your energy? Recapitulation is the process of reclaiming your energy from past events and interactions. When you think on something from your past and there is still a strong emotional feeling, there is a good chance you still … Continue reading →

Cultural Appropriation in Shamanism

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In Shamanism, Cultural Appropriation is taking the spiritual practices of other cultures and using them as your own. For the term cultural appropriation, we are using the definition of appropriation “take and use without the owner’s permission.” In many traditions, the … Continue reading →