Feeling Spacey or Light Headed after a Journey

There are two basic reasons why someone might feel spacey or light headed after a shamanic journey.  You can feel a little strange if you’ve received a powerful healing in your journey, or experienced something very profound. In this case, … Continue reading →

Journey Series: The Dismemberment Journey

Changing our Structure We all carry old structures in our energy that keep us stuck.  This could mean old identities, old patterns inherited from family, habits, or old injuries.  When old energy isn’t just stored but is part of the … Continue reading →

Journey Series: Journey to Understand Power

statue crown held over head

This journey is a good way to understand how you relate to power. You do this by looking at your past lives and seeing how you related to power in other lifetimes. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, you can … Continue reading →

Journey Series: Trouble Journeying

Shamanic journeying is something everyone knows how to do innately.  However, sometimes things can get in the way. These are the Top 8 Reasons people have trouble journeying.   Reason 1 – Mental Chatter Some people will find that they have so … Continue reading →

Journey Series – Creating Gateways

In many cultures, Shamans would create gateways to journey through. These gateways were physical objects that served as a kind of door through which you could move into the journey.  When you journeyed into them you could go directly into a … Continue reading →

Journey Series: Ecstatic Postures

Pose - Carved Wooden Statue Of Ancient Hawaiian

When people think of postures for spiritual work, they usually think of ones used for meditation or yoga.  Postures used to produce a trance state or to send you into a journey are different than postures for quieting the mind … Continue reading →

Journey Series: Other Ways to Journey

Painting Of Tunnel

A common method for shamanic journeying is to use the drum.  The rhythm of the drum can shift the rhythm of your brain, helping you to achieve a state that allows you to journey.  Some people also have heard about having journey … Continue reading →