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eye blueWhen people think of seeing a spirit, most people think of seeing them with their eyes.  But not everyone is visual in their ability to perceive spirits.  Your ability to sense spirits has to do with your innate abilities.  Generally this type of perception is called psychic, because your not using your everyday eyes or ears.

You also need to consider what type of spirit your talking about.

There are departed loved ones.  There are spirits of the land.  There are spirits that are operating at a different frequency, such as angels.  How they would feel to you will seem different depending on what type of spirit it is. For instance, when you communicate with some of the spirits they are not actually here.  You are feeling their presence through energy that is coming to you in a type of bridge.  In this case, perceiving a spirit is more like communication than seeing.


Perceiving a Spirit

Psychic ability is not always required to perceive a spirit.  The spirit who wants to communicate with you can use your normal physical sensation to help you notice him or her.

If you have watched a show like Long Island Medium, where people feel their departed loved ones as goosebumps or chills, that loved one is making his or her presence felt through sensations on the other person’s physical body.They can also help you perceive them through sounds like creaking the floor boards or moving windchimes.  In these cases, you are using your “normal” physical senses to perceive a spirit.

However, to actually see a spirit in a way that would seem visual, you have to the specific psychic ability of seeing.  This is called Clairvoyance.

Most people probably have some type of psychic ability, but there are many different kinds.  For instance, many people are clairsentient.  This type of perceptions is when you get feelings about things, including gut feelings.  Closely related are empaths who actually feel the feelings and body sensations of others in their own bodies.

woman smiling coffee mugDepending on what your innate abilities are, those abilities would effect how you perceive a spirit. Clairaudient people have strong hearing and could hear a spirit talking to them.  Empaths could feel what another spirit is feeling.  Clairvoyant people would perceive the spirit in a “visual” way.  Clair-cognizance is psychic perception as a type of knowing.  You “know” that something is connecting with you, and what that something is.

Even when an individual does not have a developed psychic strength they may have a moment when a perception breaks through.  They may catch something out of the corner of their eye.  They may hear a word.  They may smell the cookies their mother used to make.  They may “know” that their father has come to visit them.


Dormant Psychic Senses

holding glasses rain spotsMost people have not developed their psychic senses.  So its likely you don’t know what your strengths would be for perceiving a spirit.  For some, their psychic senses didn’t seem normal and were ignored, except in cases where they were so strong as to overwhelm that person.  For others, your perception may have seemed indistinct, or you may not have recognized it as a psychic one.

To find out how you perceive spirits, you would first have to develop these types of senses, and find out what one is strong for you.  That is when you’d find out if you can “see” spirits.  However, even if you couldn’t “see” them, chances are you could develop an ability perceive them in some way.

For many people, their psychic senses can be strengthened.  However, the method of doing so will vary depending on what avenue is taken.

nose-up_smallerA shamanic practitioner would learn how improve their perceptions by learning directly from a spirit teacher.  They meet a spirit teacher through the shamanic journey.

For others there are probably a variety of methods available.  Sometimes it may just a matter of practice so that an ability can become stronger.  However, it may be that some people will never be good at a particular sense.

As an example, I am not clairvoyant.  I never see anything when doing spiritual work.  I have a knowing, that does not in any way seem visual to me.  If I would describe what I perceive it might sound visual, but it is not.  I’m not sure if every type of sense can be developed by every person.  In my case, clairvoyance doesn’t appear to be one of my skills.


Additional Information

If you would like to learn how to perceive spirits, you can first learn more about strengthening your psychic perception using books such as:

The Psychic Pathway: A Workbook for Reawakening the Voice of Your Soul by Sonia Choquette (or the Related Books listed on Amazon).

To learn through shamanic journeying, there are books which teach journeying, or you can look for a workshop in your area.

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  1. The reason I’ve chosen to educate myself on shamanism is because of this exact topic. I’ve never been spiritual (always assumed the presence of “spirits” was psychological) but since childhood this has been a real issue for me, particularly at night. After years of prompting from friends, I’m looking into the spiritual possibilities of what happens to me in the hope of finding some relief. Thanks for the read. 🙂

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