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Can I Be a Shaman? — 8 Comments

  1. Finally an article that identifies Shamanism as this “connection” that goes on in the environment of the person.
    Shamanism is all about connection. Spirit does the work.
    The being is a vessel for the part of their environment they connect with.

  2. This is a honest article that I wish I read 7 years ago when my life was splitting in two and I was very confused on what my path was.
    Thank-you for writing this article I should pass it on.

  3. Thank you so much for this insight. I get asked this question often. Mainly by people who don’t see the truth of everything involved when one is chosen. I struggle always with keeping Ego out of everything I do. And parts of this, in trying to answer the question for myself (much less hearing it now in our culture!) smacks to me of divisive imperialism, the very antithesis of how I see the Work. Without any of that, you’ve finally actually and truly answered this question. And I shall refer those who ask from now on to this page. Thank you again for providing this answer ❤️

    • Thank you, I am glad to hear this article helped you. I wrote this article to give people an opportunity to find out that the shaman’s path is not always an easy one. Some people simply aren’t aware of what they are asking for when they ask to become a shaman.

      In my personal opinion, I believe that the struggle to be aware of one’s own ego is the real key to staying in balance as a shamanic practitioner. I believe that shamanic healers are meant to be very human healers, or we can’t relate to the people we are meant to help. That means our ego’s are meant to remain present and intact. Our own human frailties and struggles both help us understand how to help others, and help those others feel they can connect to us. So how to keep your ego and not become over run by it? Self awareness, I think is the way to work on staying in balance. Being honest with oneself about where we are most drawn control things or create separation. Forgiving ourselves when we fall short, is the best way of learning how to show others to love and forgive themselves.

  4. thank you I feel like everything I’ve read here is a true connection within myself. I felt like you were describing me and my journey so far. I’m absolutely blown away.

  5. I thought I wanted to be a shamman but after reading of all the pain I would have to go through . I changed my mind . My whole life has been about illness and all kind of suggered. All kind of suffering . I just don’t want any more. Can u help me on this jssue

    • Sue, I am sorry to hear how difficult things have been for you. You may wish to try and see if there someone in your area that can give you some help. It is difficult to truly help a person through a website, and we try at Shaman Links to give people a path to find the help they need. Shaman Links also has a directory, with many good healers: The first list is screened healers, and the Shaman Links directory is more of a yellow pages listing, with many good healers, but they are not screened.

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