Confusion About Ayuhuasca and Shamans

Feedback to Shaman Links has shown that some people believe that Ayuhuasca and Shamanism are identical. That is incorrect. The practice of using Ayuhuasca originates in South America.  Many shamans / shamanic practitioners do not use Ayuhuasca in their practice.  For instance, … Continue reading →

Are All Shamans Good?

To put it simply.  No. Shamans are a very human healer.  They are therefore subject to all of the pitfalls that other humans fall into. The shaman’s deep connection with the spirit world gives them access to insights that other … Continue reading →

Feeling Spacey or Light Headed after a Journey

There are two basic reasons why someone might feel spacey or light headed after a shamanic journey.  You can feel a little strange if you’ve received a powerful healing in your journey, or experienced something very profound. In this case, … Continue reading →

Shaman Links is now Faster!

Shaman Links has just updated our site to be faster.  Our main articles are now stored on computers in Europe, Brazil, and Australia.  This should increase how quickly visitors get to see our pages there. You should also see our pages … Continue reading →

Can I see spirits?

When people think of seeing a spirit, most people think of seeing them with their eyes.  But not everyone is visual in their ability to perceive spirits.  Your ability to sense spirits has to do with your innate abilities.  Generally this type of perception … Continue reading →

Journey Series: The Dismemberment Journey

Changing our Structure We all carry old structures in our energy that keep us stuck.  This could mean old identities, old patterns inherited from family, habits, or old injuries.  When old energy isn’t just stored but is part of the … Continue reading →

Journey Series: Journey to Understand Power

statue crown held over head

This journey is a good way to understand how you relate to power. You do this by looking at your past lives and seeing how you related to power in other lifetimes. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, you can … Continue reading →