shaman links logo verticalShaman Links began in 2003 as a website for general information on Shamanism.  In addition to our shamanism articles, we began offering a directory of shaman healers and teachers. At that time, it was very hard to find shamanic healers by location. We offer free listings for healers and teachers by location.  By making the listings free and not being a screened directory, we were able to compile a large list of healers, hopefully making it easier to find a shaman where you live.  We see our directories as being a large wall where healers and teachers can post their “fliers.”

We provide articles on shamanism as a starting point to understand what it might have to offer you.  We also have links to other interesting shamanism websites,

In 2015, Shaman Links began offering a Shaman Books Directory, and a Shaman Blog.  The Shaman Books Directory was started because in most places you can only search shamanism books by one category: “shamanism.”  By labeling our books by different topics we want our visitors to be able to look at shamanism books in a more helpful way.

The Shaman Blog was started to share time related information like upcoming national conferences, to explain shamanism concept that may not merit a “full article”, and to share other websites and other author’s articles that may be of interest to you.

Shaman Links is provided as a service of EarthBLISS LLC.  EarthBLISS LLC is owned by Lauren Torres, who is the Shaman Links webmaster and the author of the Shaman Links articles.

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