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Note: We are processing new applications within two weeks, but have a backlog from 2013 that we are slowly working through.  If you applied then, it is a good idea to re-apply to get listed more quickly.

If you would like to have our website included on any of the Shamanic pages you must offer either shamanic healing or shamanic workshops/teaching, drumming circles are acceptable.  Scroll down to the form below, to submit a link to our site.  There is no cost or fees to be listed. 

The shamanic learning resource page is for Organizations / websites that either offer shamanic classes, study programs, or shamanic learning experiences of some kind.  You may also be eligible if you have a list of shamanic resource links, or teacher links. 

For the shamanic healer page, you must be a shamanic healer, or be a healing center which offers shamanic healing of some kind.  If I cannot make the connection by looking at your site you may wish to include comments on why you believe you should be included in the healer link page and/or on the teacher link page. 

Shamanic Artists, shamanic shopping, shamanic blog sites etc may be included on the general shamanic links page.

If you do not have a website, it is possible for you to be listed.  You will need to fill us in on the details of your practice or service in the comments section of this form, as we will not have a website to reference in order to assess your eligibility for listing on the sites.  And then check which information you wish included on your listing.  We currently include phone and email for those who do not have a website, but may include additional  information sometime in the future.  See Nebraska or Louisiana for examples of these types of listings. 

Although it is difficult to process all applications quickly, we do try to prioritize correcting information on existing listings.  If you are filling out this form to correct an existing listing, please mention that in the comment section.

Inclusion of your information is completely at the discretion of this website's owner.  Why does Shaman Links offer a free links page?

You can direct people to the website with the link, which will take them to the home page.

We purchased new website software to automate the listing process, and will contact you when the site is ready and your listing is moved to the new site.  The new site should allow you to create a login which will enable you to update your own listings to keep them current / add new information.  This feature will not be available until late 2015 at the earliest, but we want you to be aware for when we notify you of the new listing. You can find out more at and can view an example listing by clicking here.

Please provide the following contact information:
(Shaman Links will not share this information with anyone, and will only list your information on the site if you have checked that you wish it to be listed.)

Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Work Phone

What is your relationship to the business or service you are submitting for listing:

Which page do you wish to be listed on:

Select if you offer any of the following services, some of these are listed because the category may be useful if a new page is created or additional information is added to the listings in the future:

Ceremonies                                  Drumming Circles       
Earth Healing                               Workshops Nationally  
Workshops Internationally                   Healing Center    
Learning Center                             Various Shamanic Teachers 
Long Distance Healing                       I do not offer healing    
I do not offer workshops                    I do not offer shamanic services but other

If this site begins including emails, would you like yours listed on the site?

Yes No

Is it likely your website will change often, or the that you are providing changes on a yearly bases? An example would be a website that changes from workshops2002.htm to workshops2003.htm with each year.

Yes No

If you do not have a website to provide which of the following information do you want included on your listing? (We may add these to website listings in the future.) 

Personal Name
Organization Name
Phone Number

Are you within 20 miles of a major city in your state?

Yes No

If yes, mention the city in the comments section, if the city is not in your state please mention what state it is in.



Please type the word in the image and hit submit (all lower case, no spaces):

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