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South Suburban ChADD would like to know more information about the members and prospective members of our chapter.  Please share any information you can with us so that we can serve you better:

Please provide the following contact information:

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Choose one of the following options:

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South Suburban ChADD will do its best to answer any questions or address any comments that you have.  Please share any of these with us.  We are not always able to answer you questions over email, the best way to get you questions answered is to attend one of our meetings!  Also mention if you would like to be added to our emailing list.

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Informational Speaker Meetings     Meetings with Video Presentations
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What is the most important consideration for ChADD meetings?:

Do you consider it important to have the personal support of meeting face to face with someone knowledgeable in ADHD, such as occurs in a support group setting?

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Would you be interested in personal one on one meetings with the knowledgeable coordinators and volunteers of our chapters?  These would be free, one on one meetings where appointments would be need to be made in advance.fs

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