Dear Contact_FullName,

Thank you for filling out the application forms for Shaman Links.

Your information will be processed, and if your submission is accepted it will appear on the site within 2 to 6 weeks. (During busy times of the year the delay is occasionally longer, but we do process all applications.)

If for any reason an excessive amount of time goes by (over 3 months), please feel free to re-apply and note that you are reapplying.  We work on applications from most recent backwards, which unfortunately does result in long delays for some applications.  We receive over 300 applications a year, and examine each individually.  As a volunteer group, we process applications at irregular intervals, so we thank you for your understanding if your application is delayed.

We have a facebook page where will post updates on progress of updates to Shaman Links:


EarthBLISSTM Website Coordinator

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