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Here is a list of shamanic practitioners / shaman healers - organized by state and country.  Click on the state or country name to jump to the listing.  Practitioners are listed here who offer shamanic healing services such as Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Extraction Healing, Power Animal Retrieval, and Long Distance Healing.  This list is for your reference only, no recommendation is being made as to the quality of the shamanism organizations listed here nor as to the quality of the individual's shamanic healing practice listed here.   For Teachers/Workshop Providers click here.  We are continually adding shamanic healers, so please check back if you don't see your state listed.

For easy reference will take you to the main page of this site.

* indicates the shaman / healers / organizations who also offer shamanic ceremonies or community activities such as drumming circles.

Due to the large number of links on Shaman Links, shamanic businesses/healers occasionally close or move without notifying us, or our realizing it.  Sometimes a disused link will be directed to an unsavory site (rest assured all sites were shamanic when we added them.)  If you see a mistake or a broken link please click here to contact us.  We appreciate the feedback.

If you wish to be listed as a shaman healer / shamanic practitioner in this directory please use the online form.  This list is only for healers who offer shamanic healing to the individual or community.  If you would also like to be included on the shamanic teacher page please tell us.  Include your website city and state on the form, if you have no website - give us your name, business name, email, phone number to be published, and city and state.

Inclusion of your information is completely at the discretion of this website's owner.

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United States: 

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Alabama - Shaman Healers

click for Alabama Shamanic Teachers

Valerie Nunnelly, The Bear is My Brother - Anniston, AL
East of Birmingham

Jeffrey Rich, Water, Willow and Moon Shamanism - Huntsville, AL


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Alaska - Shaman Healers

None currently, the site here was recently disabled.

Try this link which has an individual listed.


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Arizona - Shaman Healers

click for Arizona Shamanic Teachers

Elena Skyhawk - Flagstaff, AZ

Eric Ashley - Flagstaff, AZ

Spirit Drum, Karen Furr * - Flagstaff, AZ

HoloShamanic Strategies LLC, Byron Metcalf - Prescott, AZ

Luminous One, Maya Dream, LLC - Sedona, AZ
In Flagstaff area, 1.5 hrs Phoenix metro area.

Institute for Shamanic Synthesis - Santa Fe, NM before  Tucson, AZ

Martin Klabunde, Kalumba - Tuscon, AZ
seems primarily drum based, contact for more details

Dr. Miles Overholt - Tucson, AZ
call: (520)575-2889   or email:

Phoenix Area:

SpiritHealer - Carla Person, Animals and People - Glendale, AZ

D. Kathleen Simonds, Hypnotic Healings - Mesa, AZ

AZ Shaman  - Ageless Wisdom...Natural Healing - Phoenix, AZ

Josephine M. Joseph, Light Journeys - Phoenix, AZ
North Phoenix

The Circle of Healing Arts, LLC - Scottsdale, AZ

David Cobb, Konahwhaka, Petroglyph Healing Center - Scottsdale, AZ
Also a healing center 25 miles North of Herber, AZ

Stephanie Phelps, White Horse Journeys - Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Melissa Dawahare, naturopathic doctor - Tempe, AZ

Sedona Area:

Alehzon Sacred Healing - Sedona tours, spiritual healing, soul retreats - Cottonwood, AZ

Anahata Ananda, Shamangelic Healing - Sedona, AZ

Gregory Drambour, Sedona Sacred Journeys - Sedona, AZ

Healing from the Heart, Cynthia Tierra - Sedona, AZ

Personal Energy Transformation, Phoenix (formerly Nancy Velardi) - Sedona, AZ Arizona List - this website has a long list of shamanic healers in Arizona, scroll down and click on Shamanic Healers.


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Arkansas - Shaman Healers

Earth Heart - Eureka Springs, AR

Denise Rodgers, ComfortZone Therapies & Workshops - Conway, AR
24 Miles North of Little Rock

Rev. Suzanne Day, Pathways Of The Heart - Fox, AR

Rev. Steve Wagner, New Age Mystic - North Little Rock, AR


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California - Shaman Healers

click for California Shamanic Teachers

See California Region Map (List below is roughly organized North to South)

North / Shasta Cascade

Fullcircle Spiritual Healing, Annie Fuller - Paradise, CA
Just outside of Chico

Polomo John Brennan, Shasta Shaman - Hammond Ranch, CA (96094)

North Coast

Kitty Norris, Shaman, Energy Medicine Practitioner - Willits, CA
80 miles north of Santa Rosa, North Bay Area, does long distance healing

Anne Hatfield & Stuart Dole - Santa Rosa, CA
North Bay

Maria Strouss, Shamanic Mountain Retreat - Somes Bar, CA  (website under construction)
About 70 miles south of Oregon border
email:    or call: (530)469-3472


San Francisco Bay Area

Liv Wheeler, Shifting Octaves - Albany, CA

Marshall Creek Center: shamanic healing and retreat center - Ben Lomond, CA

Deborah Najman, Holistic Infusion - Berkeley, CA

Jan Maxwell, Registered Nurse - Castro Valley, CA
call: 510-581-2625

Karen Clark - Concord, CA
near Oakland

Flight of the Hawk with Victoria Marina - Half Moon Bay, CA

Ann Riley - El Cerrito, CA

Valerie Carpenter, The Vestibule - El Cerrito, CA  (blends shamanic with sound healing)

Catriona MacGregor, Natural pathfinder - Fairfax, CA

Anais Szabo, Djinn Eyes - Graton, CA

Greg Harper, HCH Institute - Lafayette, CA

Center for Shamanic Healing - Oakland, CA
multiple healers listed, see About Us

Suzanne Savage - Oakland, CA
see also Center for Shamanic Healing
call: 510-482-2566 or email:

Kara Earls, Shamanic Counselor - Pacifica, CA

Heart and Soul Songs - Portola Valley, CA

Earth Caretakers - Sonoma, CA

Alan Waugh, Spirit Wisdom Healing - San Francisco, CA

Circle of the Living Earth - San Francisco, CA

Tereza Iniguez-Flores, Tierra Morena - San Francisco, CA

Eeve B Crowe - San Rafael, CA

Nierica - Wakan, Dr. Tom Pinkson - San Rafael, CA

The Shaman's Fire, Don Deffenbaugh - Santa Rosa, CA
call:  707-569-4393   or email:

Sarah Dole - Tomales and Sebastopol, CA


Central Coast

Joyce A. Duffy - Big Sur, CA
40 miles South of Monterey
call:  831-601-6160   or email:

Nancy Abildgaard, Healing Pathways - Carmel Valley, CA  near Monterey
call:   831-659-4150   or email:

Shaman Mystery School - Los Osos, CA - (115 miles North of Santa Barbara, near Morro Bay and Cambria)


Central Valley

Elisia White, Wake The Worlds - Fresno, CA
email:, call: 559-470-7166

Francisco E. Alvarez, Casa Del Curandero - Fresno, CA


Gold County

Soul Retrieval - Jill Kuykendall - Roseville, CA northeast of Sacramento

John Turberville - Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Shamanic Center - Sacramento, CA

Steve Dickerson - South Lake Tahoe, CA
In the High Sierras about 30 miles west of Carson City Nevada

Darsie White, Mesa Shamanic Healing - Truckee, CA
NW of Sacramento, Near Reno 

Terri Gladden, Cosmic Shaman - Valley Springs, CA
26 miles away from Stockton, CA


High Sierra

Flaming Heart, Melinda Abeles - Midpines, CA (45 Min East Merced, 1.5 Hours East Fresno)


Los Angeles/Orange County

Dani Burling, Your Sacred Destiny - Brentwood, CA

Erin Kirk - Beverly Hills, CA

Isabella Stoloff, The Orange County Healing Center - Fullerton, CA

Dr. Steven Farmer, Earth Magic - Laguna Beach, CA

Ancestral Wisdom - Laguna Niguel, CA
South of LA

Erin Kirk, Shamanic Healer - Los Angeles, CA (shamanic work not mentioned but is offered.)

Gay Men's Medicine Circle - Los Angeles, CA

Jan Zoya, Sacred Transformation - Los Angelos, CA

Joye Peters, Turtle Vision Healing Arts - Los Angeles, CA

Rachel Randel - Los Angeles, CA 90046

Shaman Harry - Los Angeles, CA

Lynda Skeen, Shamanic Reiki Practitioner - Los Angeles area, CA

Soul Retrieval - Kristena West  - Santa Barbara, CA

Eva Marie Gincig, Shamanista Eva - Santa Monica, CA

Jory Adamson, Triangle of Light Healing - Silverado Canyon, CA 92676

Shaman Jim, Little Big Star - Simi Valley, CA

Kristine Castro, Life Path Finding - Studio City, CA
Will be updating website to add shamanic info, but you can contact her to get more information.

Barry J. Schweiger - Tarzana, CA
Near Northwest Border of Los Angeles
call:   818-342-1769   or email:

Amanda Foulger, teacher for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies - Topanga, CA

Susan Hill, Mystic Sister - Van Nuys, CA


Inland Empire

None currently listed


San Diego Area

Connie Kelly, Shaman's Light - Carlsbad, CA

Liana Carbón PhD, Institute of Shamanic Wisdom, Inc. - San Diego, CA

Sacred Path Healing Center - San Diego, CA

Sara Burns, Center of Sacred Transformation - San Diego, CA

Patricia Fulton, Sanctuary Of Healing - Santee, CA

Hands Over Heart - La Mesa, CA

Tara, From the Heart of Tara - San Diego Area


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Colorado - Shaman Healers

click for Colorado Shamanic Teachers

Jaguar's Blessing - Aurora, CO
Mulitple Healers listed, Near Denver

Christina Schwind at Light Body Therapuetics - Cleveland, OH

Gwilda Wiyaka, Path Home - Boulder, CO

Jennifer Hinton, M.A. - Boulder, CO
call: 720-438-8901   or email:

Kristina Woodall, The Healing Peace - Boulder, CO
Office in North Boulder, easy access to the Denver metropolitan area

Rosa Haritos, Healing Channels - Boulder, CO

Renna Shesso - Denver, CO

Jeff McElwain, Earth Circle - Durango, CO

Nicholas Noble Wolf - Durango, CO

Healing Hearts, Kathleen Bowman - Littleton, CO

Nancy Lankston, Heart of Healing - Lyons, CO
Near Boulder

Chris Davidson, Ancientways - Nederland, CO
Near Boulder and Denver

Collective Light, Sylvia Edwards  - Superior, CO (Near Denver and Boulder)

Farwalkers Destiny - Colorado near Mesa Verde National Park

Roxanne Roberts, Sacred Hoop Ministry - Woodland Park, CO
20 minutes west of Colorado Springs in Majestic Pikes Peak region



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Connecticut - Shaman Healers

click for Connecticut Shamanic Teachers

Deborah Pascale, Shamanic Healer - Branford, CT

Journeys to the Soul, Jane Burns - Easton, CT

Personal Wellness Center - Eileen Osa  * - Fairfield, CT
phone: 203.255.4584

Jessica Hunter, Healing Hands - Fairfield, CT

Wanda De Coteau - Groton, CT

Global Shamanic Healing Arts, Korean Shaman - Hartford, CT

Nancie LaPier - Middletown, CT
within 20 miles Hartford and New Haven

Patricia Hall, The Source of LIGHT - Niantic, CT
Near New London, CT, 45 mi. outside of New Haven and Hartford, and 50 from Providence

Deana Paqua, DPL Creative Solutions - Ridgefield, CT

James Riverstone - Ridgefield, CT

Charles Beck - Stonington, CT
site does not mention shamanic training, but is available

Gail Gorelick, Crossing Rainbows - Trumbull, CT

Healing Quests - Heather Cummings - Westport, CT

Cynthia Crisp, Catskill Mountain Spirit - Manhattan, NY
Also has offices in Southern Catskills, and Norwalk, CT


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Delaware - Shaman Healers

click for Delaware Shamanic Teachers

Star Dreamer, Eliane Floriolli - Wilmington, DE

Susan McClellan, Shaman Song - Wilmington, DE


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Florida - Shaman Healers

click for Florida Shamanic Teachers

Come Walk With A Shaman, Maggie Wahls - Boca Raton, FL

Rose Hill, Universal Brotherhood - Bay Harbor Islands, FL
Location is Miami Beach

Jimmy Mack - Clearwater, FL

Mona Rain, Chacaruna Healing - Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, FL

Anne Barclay Morgan - Gainesville, FL

Danelle Devi, Devi Mango Healing - Holiday, FL
(near Tampa)

Paul Stanfield, The Healing Station - Jacksonville, FL
Shamanic Touch

Heidi Couch - Kissimmee, FL
call: 407-908-6364   or email:

Bethany Dalton-Kash - Lake Worth, FL

Carlye, WhisperingFeather Shamanic Services - Merritt Island, FL
(Near Melbourne Florida)

Char, Your Journey to Self - Maimi, FL

Jay Lonewolf, Apache/ Shamanic Temple - Miami, FL
call: 786-333-2855   or email:

Lisa Merritt - Miami, FL

Scott Wheeler, Fuel for Peace - Miami, FL

Michael Brechtel, Holistic Shamanic Bodywork Therapist(LMT) - Miami Beach, FL

"Gaia" Debra Simpson, Shamanic Healer, Tantrika - Orlando, FL

Jack Alexander ("Golden Feather") - Sarasota, FL

Dolly Ephraim, Shaman Healer - Tallahassee, FL

Anna Oliver, Shamanic Practitioner - Tampa, FL

Scott J Simon, Ph.D., SoulSound - Tampa, FL

Michele Lessirard, Shared Journeys - Vero Beach, FL


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Georgia - Shaman Healers

click for Georgia Shamanic Teachers

Alexandra Rose, Shamanic Spiritual Counselor - Marietta, GA

International School of Shamanism - Atlanta, GA
Shaman Healers at the school include Tom Lake, Lisa Lake and Angela Prince

Dwight Harriman, Atlanta Shaman - Atlanta, GA

Hannah K. Windom - Comer, Georgia
call: 404-550-0314   or email:

Frank Randall, Buffalo Shaman - Smyrna, GA

Near Savannah also see South Carolina


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Hawaii - Shaman Healers

click for Hawaii Shamanic Teachers

Rainbow Bridge Retreats, Christopher Doggett - Pahoa, HI
Offers various healing, teaching, and retreats.
call: 808-965-9878   or email:

Katalin Koda - Pahoa, HI

Aloha International - Huna Shamanism *  - Princeville, HI  or link Hawaiian Huna Village

Inner Journeys, Nancy Wiggen - Volcano, The Big Island of Hawaii

Hawaii Holistic Healing Directory - online listing


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Idaho - Shamanic Teaching

click for Idaho Shamanic Teachers

Earth Thunder, The Ancient Schools of Mysteries - Boise, ID

The Reiki Energy Healing Center, Jacqueline Kennedy - Boise, ID

The Thunder Wizard Path, Michael William Denney - Boise, ID


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click for Illinois Shamanic Teachers

Sandy LittleLizard, The Little Shoppe of Auras - Bethalto, IL
Near Edwardsville, IL and 30 Miles North of St. Louis, MO

Kristi Piper, Shamanic Healer - Champaign, IL

Claudia Areddia - Darien, IL

Near Moline, see Iowa

Coyote Chris Sutton - Godfrey, IL
Near the Mississippi, 30 Miles North and Across the river from  St. Louis

Jaimie Savorgino - Gurnee, IL
Offer services in Gurnee, and also client's home.
call: (847)337-7171   or email:

Anne Savickas, Whispers of the Heart - Minooka, IL
email:   or call: (815) 341-7376

Center for Integrative BodyWork - Sycamore, IL
North of DeKalb

Mitra, Mitra's Healing Hands - Savoy, IL
Near Champaign-Urbana, IL

Chicagoland Area:

Joan Forest Mage * - Chicago, IL

Maia Bielak, AiAma - Chicago, IL

Moira Scullion, Shungo - Chicago,IL
Focuses on bodywork

Astra Hawk Shamanic Center - Evanston, IL

South Suburbs

EarthBLISS, Lauren Torres * - Lansing, IL

Patricia Fare O'Malley,  PH.D. - Beecher, IL
phone: 708-946-1982  email:

Robin Condro * - Park Forest, IL

Peace Place, Donna Callaghan - Chicago Heights, IL

Mark Edwards, Luminous Productions - Midlothian, IL

North Suburbs

Shamanic Art by Shayna - Buffalo Grove, IL

Kathleen Rude, Gaia Wisdom - Deerfield, IL

Rev Jack A. Ewing III, Urban Shaman - Glenview, IL
call: 312-952-5806 or email: 

Soaring Spirit, Inc. - Wadsworth, IL

Western Suburbs

Danuta Jirik, Ph.D., Holistic Resolutions - Oak Park, IL


Chicago Area Holistic Practitioners - Online Listing - Carefully Interviewed and Selected - Online Listing


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Indiana - Shaman Healers

click for Indiana Shamanic Teachers

Ananaia O'Leary, HeartWorks Healing Arts - Indianapolis, IN

Laura Rain, Inner Peace & Healing - Indianapolis, IN

Laughing Womyn Ashonosheni - 40 Miles south of Indianapolis


Ronee Luttringer - Wheatfield, IN
call: 219-987-3134

New Leaf Oasis, Kimberly Parsons - DeMotte, IN (about 25 miles south of Merrillville and Valparaiso)


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Iowa - Shaman Healers

click for Iowa Shamanic Teachers

Kathleen Collins - Bettendorf, IA (near Davenport)
call: 563-332-4361 or email:

Kevin and Chris Fisher, Plum Creek Center of Spiritual Healing - Fredericksburg, IA
Near Waterloo Iowa

Tizzy Hyatt, Healing Journeys - Windsor Heights, IA
Near Des Moines


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Kansas - Shaman Healers

click for Kansas Shamanic Teachers

Daniel Baxley, Shamanic Pathways at White Deer Lodge - Gardner, KS
30 Miles South West of Kansas City, MO

Joan Clark - Palais Aromaetica - Lawrence, KS (Click on Consultations/Healing Treatments)

David Bartholomew - Lawrence, KS (if link doesn't work try this.)

Shaman's Dream, Shilo Satran - Wichita, KS


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Kentucky - Shaman Healers

click for Kentucky Shamanic Teachers

Vicki Jo Dietz, Power of Three Healing - Brooks, KY
Ten miles South of Louisville

Natural Shaman Drums & The Shaman Center - Elizabethtown, KY
40 minutes South of Louisville

Mast Massage - Timothy Mast - Louisville, KY

Samara Says Inc. - Lexington, KY see Reiki & More


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Louisiana - Shaman Healers

click for Louisiana Shamanic Teachers

Vikki Baker - Alexandria, LA
Medicine Wheel classes offered on an ongoing basis.

Robin Cunningham Myers. Wholistic Alternatives - Baton Rouge,  LA

Elvira Bravin - Lake Charles, LA
Call: 337 562-1171   or email:


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Maine - Shaman Healers

click for Maine Shamanic Teachers

ChandraMa, Shakti Om Spiritual Center - Augusta, ME

Marie Tucker, Shadow Shamanism - Bowdoinham, ME
Near Portland

Dory Cote, Shamanic Healing - Brunswick, ME

Trish Casimira, Casimira Hypnotherapy and Soul Journeying - Greenfield, MA

Faye-Linda McGovern - Westbrook, ME
call:  207-854-2660   

River J. Lee, Mountain Spirit Journeys - Woolwich, ME
Five miles from Bath, ME

Jaclyn Ouillette - Yarmouth, ME

Spirit Passages - Evelyn C. Rysdyk and Allie Knowlton * - Yartmouth, ME


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Maryland - Shaman Healers

click for Maryland Shamanic Teachers

Beth Terrence, Waves of Grace - Annapolis, MD

Maryland Shamanic Center - Columbia, MD
Near Baltimore, MD and Washington DC

Alicia A. Perry and Dr. Mildred L. Perry, Divinity is Eternal - Alexandria, College Park, MD

Lorraine Stern, Lpathways - Edgewater, MD

Cherry-Lee Ward - Lutherville, MD
Just outside the Baltimore Beltway

Maya Phoenix, Phoenix SoulUtions - Reisterstown, MD
Northwest of Baltimore

Shaman Healing Institute - Savage, MD

Mythkenner Spiritual Healing - Silver Springs, MD

Mary "Tyrtle" Rooker, Shamanic Spring - Takoma Park, MD


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Massachusetts - Shaman Healers

click for Massachusetts Shamanic Teachers

Marcia Goodman-Blair, SoulSpiritJourney Healing Arts - Amesbury, MA

Connie Caldes, Shamanic Dreamtime - Berkshire Mountains of MA

Harmony Way, Michelle Croze - Chicopee, MA
near Springfield, MA and Hartford, CT

Brighid Murphy, Spiritworks Healing Arts - Easthampton, MA
Near Northampton

Raven Kaldera, Northern Tradition Shaman - Fitchburg, MA

Casimira Hypnotherapy & Soul Journeying, Trish Casimira - Greenfield, MA 20 miles north of Amherst
(also Woburn, MA near Boston and Sandwich, MA near Hyannis)

Denise Kinch, Pachamama Healing Center - Groveland, MA
40 Miles North of Boston

Grace Walsh, Earthen Spirit - Hull, MA

Traditional Arts Institute - Leominster, MA
call:  508-414-8568  or email:

The Heart of Shamanism - Leverett, MA

Eva Rosenn Phd. - Leverett, MA

Inner Peace and Wellness, Julie Hannon - Lexington, MA
Boston area practice

The Robbat Center - Lexington, MA

Heart-Fire Healing, Rachmiel Langer - Littleton, MA

St. Suzan Baltozer, Spirits of Nature Healing - Medford, MA

Naramba Himalayan Arts - Milford, MA  (Shamanistic in combination with other styles.)

Dr. Michael R. Verrilli, DO, The Shaman's Path - Northampton, MA

Donald Cameron, Energy Healing - Orleans, MA

Shaman's Circle, Nan Moss and David Corbin - Port Clyde, MA

Jewell, Transformational Healing/The Source - Shutesbury, MA

Oceana, Kali Ma Healing Arts - South Grafton, MA
(South Grafton is where the shamanic healing is offered)

I Am the Ocean - Westport, MA
25 Miles from Providence, RI and 60 miles from Boston


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Michigan - Shaman Healers

click for Michigan Shamanic Teachers

Lois Speer, Crooked Lake Healing Center - Brighton, MI
Laika style of Shamanism, Detroit in Summer, Orlando in winter
call: 810-360-0152   or email:

Connie Eiland - Detroit, MI
call: 313-343-8808 or email:

C. Michael Smith, Ph.D. - Dowagiac, MI
near Niles, MI, and 25 miles North of South Bend, IN

Natasha Wilson, Integrated Wellness - Ferndale, MI (Detroit area)

Spirit Weavers - Grand Ledge, MI

Jason Bodary, Wyrd Ways - Lansing, MI

Sabrina DeVaney, Reiki & Bio-Balancing Therapies - Lansing, MI
(or go to the main page of her site)

Circle of Life Counseling Services - Mason, MI

Juanita J. Rinas - Michigan Center, MI

Lisa Holzer, Alchemy Studio - Okemos, MI
Just outside of Lansing

Linda Byorth Detrio, Shaman, Reiki Master, LPN - Ortonville, MI
20 Miles South of Flint, also Detroit area
call: 248-701-0429 or email:

Daniel & Jenni Lupinski - Rock, MI
Often in Tennessee, but also have a home here.
call:  (860) 706-2400   or email:

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Minnesota - Shaman Healers

click for Minnesota Shamanic Teachers

Moose Woman, Jan Townswick - Bloomington and Nisswa, MN

PaLiChi, Brooklyn Peace Center - Brooklyn Park, MN

Song of Sirius - Learning Center - Duluth, MN
South of Ashland WI on the Merango River

Deep Currents, also Midwest Shamanic Gathering - Eden Prairie, MN

Dave & Dr. Diane Condon Kanis PhD - Eagle Bend, MN
call: 320-304-0634   or email:

Alison James - Minneapolis, MN

Steve Haney, Hautun Inc - Minneapolis, MN

Brigid's House-Center of Peace for Body, Mind and Spirit - Park Rapids, MN

Amber Hunt at Heart and Hara Studio - Pine River, MN

Lena Swanson Holistic Healing - Saint Paul, MN

Sage Lewis, Dancing Porcupine - Saint Paul, MN


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Missouri- Shaman Healers

Click for Missouri Shamanic Teachers

Dragonfly Healing Arts Center, Paula Curry - Columbia, MO

Paula Curry, Dragonfly Healing Arts Center - Columbia, MO

Pat Tuholske, Elemental Earthcamp - Grubville, MO

Daniel L. Smith, Ravenswood Retreat - Hillsboro, MO
Prayer garden, labyrinth, nature retreat
Call:  314-265-2440   or email:

Laleh Ameri, The Goddessways - Kansas City, MO

Terri Schanks, Blessings Enterprises - St. Louis, MO


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Mississippi - Shaman Healers

Click for Mississippi Shamanic Teachers

Blue Sky Waters - Lena, MS
50 miles from Jackson

Rev. Jean Marie Gage, Shadowwolf Counseling - Ocean Springs, MS
call:  228-324-4422    or email:


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Nebraska - Shaman Healers

Greg "Woody" Gruber - Omaha, NE
call:  (402) 556 - 0555   or email:

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Nevada - Shaman Healers

click for Nevada Shamanic Teachers

Charmaine Lee, Foundation For Insight - Las Vegas, NV

Maria Yraceburu, Yraceburu Earthwisdom - Las Vegas

Valarie Zuvuya, Shamanic Healing Arts - Las Vegas, NV

Justine Baker (Citizen of the Cherokee Nation) - Las Vegas, NV
call: 702-482-6505

Sage Spirit, Havi Mandell - Henderson, NV
call: (702)376-7663  or email:

Shamanic Healing - Patricia Homeyer - Reno, NV (accepting new clients?)

Also see California Gold Country listings for healer near Reno

Steve Dickerson - South Lake Tahoe, CA
In the High Sierras about 30 miles west of Carson City Nevada

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New Hampshire - Shaman Healers

click for New Hampshire Shamanic Teachers

Asrianna Dameron, Shaman's Heart Healing & Hypnosis, LLC. - Concord, NH

Ken Mitchell aka Four Hawks - Exeter, NH   Southwest of Portsmouth
click on View my complete profile, and then Email

Claire Von Karls, Riverside Counseling and Healing Arts Center - Littleton, NH

Steven and Lisa, Sacred Healing Grove - Mason, NH

The Spirit Light Network - Mason, NH
land and spirit clearings

Amy Leigh Halvatzes, Continuum Network - Merrimack, NH

Centering - Healing and Teaching - Portsmouth, NH

Chris Griffin, Plant Spirit Medicine - Wilton, NH


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New Jersey - Shaman Healers

click for New Jersey Shamanic Teachers

Elaine M. Egidio, Dancingwinds Therapy  - Atlantic Highlands, NJ
call:  732-291-0379  or email:

RavenWalk - Chester, New Jersey (Northern New Jersey)

Vincent M. Capone, Tomorrow Counseling Services - Cherry Hill, NJ

Donny Dennison - Cranford, NJ
near Elizabeth, NJ
call: 908-403-8082 or email:

Shaman's Dawn, Adam Kane - Eatontown, NJ

Susan Rossi, Flying to the Heart - Haddonfield, NJ
Near Philadelphia

Patricia Miller, The Healing Earth - High Bridge, NJ
Near to Clinton in Hunterdon County, NJ.

Erich Heinemann, Deep Visioning - Hoboken, NJ
near Manhattan

Al Romao at Sacred Circle, (New Age Center) - Long Branch, NJ
Website for the store, see practitioner link for list of healers.

Rev. Karen B McCann, Serenity House - Manchester, NJ

Janet StraightArrow, Be The Medicine - Morristown, NJ
Classes also taught in Boston, MA

Denise A. Saracco - Newton, NJ

Center for Life Force Energy - Passaic, NJ  (also near New York)

Roberta Pughe, The Center for Relationship - Princeton, NJ

Rev. Kathleen De Rose - Ridgefield Park, NJ
30 minutes north of New York City
call: 201-641-0821   or email:

Marina Di Bari, Sunshine Healing - Tenafly, NJ
(Near New York, NY)

Leslie S. Bryan - Manhattan, NY and Weehawken, NJ


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New Mexico - Shaman Healers

click for New Mexico Shamanic Teachers

JoAnne Dodgson, EarthSong - Abiquiu, NM

Kristin Madden - Albuquerque, NM

Lynn Coyle at the Source - Albuquerque, NM

Wendy Wilkerson, Living-In-Spirit - Pecos, NM

John Stone, Conscious Dreaming - Ramah, NM

Amara Mahdhuri, Blue Star Born Healer - Santa Fe, NM

Hannah Quinn D.O.M., HomeJourney Medicine™ - Santa Fe, NM

Jennifer Peters, Santa Fe Harmony Center - Santa Fe, NM

John Holden - Santa Fe, NM

Luisa Kolker MA LPC - Santa Fe, NM

Michele 'Ama Wehali' Rozbitsky - Santa Fe, NM

Ross LewAllen Shamanism - Santa Fe, NM

Ross Bishop - Santa Fe, NM


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New York - Shaman Healers

click for New York Shamanic Teachers

Brenda Kayn at The Center For Wellness - Auburn, NY
The center offers various healing modalities, Brenda Kayn is the shamanic healer there. 30 miles west of Syracuse.

John Coughlin - Franklin, NY

Alexandra Leclere - Larchmont, NY

Denise Guerringue - Long Island, NY

Dr. Laurie Nadel - Long Beach, NY

Blue Deer Center - Margaretville, NY

Frauke Rotwein - Montgomery, NY
One and a half hours upstate from N.Y.C
call: 845-457-4738   or email:

Dancing Drum Healing Arts, Pat Floyd - Newfield, NY
over an hour south of Syracuse

Cynthia Crisp, Catskill Mountain Spirit - Manhattan, NY
Also has offices in Southern Catskills, and Norwalk, CT

Leslie S. Bryan - Manhattan, NY and Weehawken, NJ

Lara K. Green - NYC Manhattan, NY

Earth Spirit Works - New York, NY

Isis Phoenix, Sensual Shaman - New York, NY

Itzhak Beery - Shamanic Teaching and Healing - New York, NY

Janice Zwail - New York, NY

Jonathan Hammond, MIND BODY SPIRIT NYC - NYC, NY

Mária Cipriani, Learning For Life Group - New York, NY

Olivia Olkowski, Spirit Rock Shamanic Healing - New York, NY

Parashakti - Near New York City

Rajmar Son Ra - New York, NY

Suzanne Connolly - Lower East Side, Manhattan, NY

Ellen Winkler MA, LMFT - Old Chatham, NY or try this link

Ithaka House - Pine Hill, NY  (near Catskill Park) Website doesn't mention shamanic healing use contact information to inquire.

Anne Sierigk - Trumansburg, NY
Outside of Ithaca NY
call: 607-387-3424   or email:

Colleen Kiley, Healing Harmonics - Vestal, NY

Linda Darin, Darin Transformations - White Plains, NY

Inner Journeys - Yonkers, NY


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North Carolina - Shaman Healers

click for North Carolina Shamanic Teachers

Elizabeth Herrera, Shaman Elizabeth - Apex, NC
near Raleigh

Benjamin Bernstein, It's All Good Astrology - Asheville, NC

Desiree DeMars - Asheville, NC
call: 312-437-4325, 828-236-0221  or email:

Gail Gulick, The Dream Time Services - Asheville, NC

Tom Wright, A Course In Shamanism - Asheville, NC

Kim Hughes, Sacred Self Living - Black Mountain, NC
Near Asheville, NC

Soul Intent Arts - Cary, NC (near Raleigh)

Center for Transformational Studies, Barbara-Lynn Freed - Chapel Hill, NC

Steven Rogat, Creative Thought Center - Chapel Hill, NC

Barbara Culbertson - Durham, NC
Ka Ta See: Learning the Ways of Balance. The Ways of the Eastern Andes as Taught by the Hetakas

Marcia McCollum Hebrank, One Light Center - Durham, NC

Whole Spirit, Mara Bishop - Durham, NC

Soul Shaman - Mary Phyllis Horn - Pittsboro, NC

Ancestral Events, Theresa Sykes Brittany - Leicester, NC
12 miles NW of Asheville

Rites of Passage Council, Inc. - Leicester, NC

Bonnie Sandera - Leland, NC
Near Wilmington
email: or call: 585-301-6957

Catherine F. Lopez, Journey to Soul Healing - Raleigh, NC

Mary Phyllis Horn, The Center of the Living Light - Raleigh, NC

Patricia Baker, Shamans Healing Circle - Raleigh, NC

Tim & Mishi Clauberg, Light of Aloha - Summerfield, NC
see also TriLightenment

Tiffany Foster, Wake Up! Energetics - Wake Forest, NC

The Quiet House, David J. Erickson - Waynesville, NC
25 miles W of Asheville

Pat Vlach, Channel for Healing - Wilmington, NC

Jane S. Webster, Spiritual Directions - Wilson, NC
Halfway between Raleigh and Greenville, NC on I-95


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Ohio - Shaman Healers

click for Ohio Shamanic Teachers

Donna Smith and Wayne Derryberry, Windsong Healing Arts, LLC - Beavercreek, OH 5 miles east of Dayton

Michelle Sampson @ Ayurveda Natural Health Center - Beavercreek, OH

FourWinds Academy, Neil Schapera - Cincinnati, OH

Jenny Trier - Cincinnati, OH
email:   or phone: (513)751-0551

TranceFormations, Ken Day - Cincinnati, OH

Eagle ShadowMan, Turtle Clan - Columbus, OH
call: 740-973-1411   or email:

Hypno-Shaman - Columbus, OH

Jewels West - Columbus, OH
call: 614-206-5686 or email:

One White Horse Standing - Cleveland, OH

Tom Singingcrow Smith - Georgetown, OH

Medical Massage Therapy  M. Catherine Rose-Walker - Lancaster, OH
30 miles south of Columbus
call  740-654-7760  or email

Rita Carnevale, Her Sacred Space - Lancaster, OH

Bekki Shining Bearheart and Crow Swimsaway, Church of Earth Healing - New Marshfield, OH

Center For Help And Health - Toledo, OH


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Oklahoma - Shaman Healers

Circles of Essence: Denise Alexander, Elise Anderson, Sherry Mickleberry, Grandmother Raven (Jodi Tuttle) - Sapulpa, OK
Near Tulsa

Nancy Scott Fields, Creek Lady Healer - Sand Springs, OK
Near Tulsa


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Oregon - Shaman Healers

click for Oregon Shamanic Teachers

Karin Magnuson - Albany, OR
Between Salem and Corvallis

Kate McDaniel, Angel Medium - Ashland, OR

Violet MoonRain, Shamanic Awakenings - Ashland, OR

Celestial Shaman Life Strategies - Beaverton, OR

Rowynn Gilraine, Soul Path Center for Soul Healing - Bend, OR

Shamanic Connection - Central Point, OR

Shamans and Spirit Warriors Society, SASWS - Creswell, OR

Hidden Lake Retreat, Lauri Shainsky - Eagle Creek, OR

Lauri Shainsky, Shamanic Sound Healer - Eagle Creek, OR

Alida Birch Shamanic Healer and Teacher - Eugene, Or

Heart With Wings Spiritual Healing - Eugene, OR

Leia Hart, Eugene Circle for Shamanic Healing - Eugene, OR

Alexandria, Shamanic Practitioner - Gold Beach, OR

Elaine La Joie, Clear Reflection Life Coaching - Hillsboro, OR

Coyote Moon - Oceanside, OR

Cara A. Mulheron, Rainbow Magick - Portland, OR

Circle of the Living Earth - Portland, OR

Harmonic Spaces, Karyn Armstrong - Portland, OR

Jennie Kjos, Guided Health - Portland, OR

Light Song Healing Center, Jan Engels-Smith - Portland, OR

Marilyn Schwader, Four Feathers Healing - Portland, OR

Star Gazer, Shamanic Sounds - Portland, OR
email:  or call: (503) 635-3365

Transformational Companion, Beth Giansiracusa - Portland, OR

Leslie Harris, East of Orion Healing Arts Center - Sandy, OR


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Pennsylvania - Shaman Healers

click for Pennsylvania Shamanic Teachers

Snow Star Raven Hawk - Allentown, PA
please leave a message

Margaret Celli, Inner Light Wellness - Downingtown, PA

Camp Eaglebear - Gaines, PA (remote location enables direct earth experience)

Lisa M. Miller, Sacred Light Circle - Honey Brook, PA
Near West Chester, PA

Damien - Lancaster, PA

Cyndy "Snake Dancer", Rhythm of The Earth - Landenberg, PA
Close to Kennett Square PA and Newark DE

Self-Empowerment Society - Pittsburg, PA

Grand Kiva Ministries - Reading, PA

Susan Jennings - Slatington, PA   (northeast of Allentown)
call:  610-504-6494  or email:

Philadelphia Area:

Integrated Healing Therapies - Bensalem, PA

Universal Healing Systems, Karen Scheel - Newton Square, PA

Spirit Dancer -  Newton Square, PA
call:  610-659-3177 or email:  bbatman77@aol

Shamanic Journeying with Aisling Willow Grey * - Malvern, PA

Sophia Hoffer-Perkins, Intuitive Transformations - Philadelphia, PA
Shamanic Bodywork

Wild Mother Medicine, Margaret Motheral - Philadelphia, PA

Nadine Bergeron, Beautiful Shining Woman - St. Peters, PA
call:  610-913-7178   or email:

Shamanic Healing and Consultations By Diana - West Chester, PA
West of Philadelphia


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Rhode Island - Shaman Healers

click for Rhode Island Shamanic Teachers

Elizabeth Desrochers, Ancient Wisdom, LLC  - Johnston,  RI
20 minutes west of Providence.

Linda Hogan, Natural Ways to Wellness - West Warwick, RI
Within 5 miles of Providence


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South Carolina - Shaman Healers

click for South Carolina Shamanic Teachers

Chi Chapple - Charleston, SC

Sharon Licata, Shamanic Walk - Columbia, SC

Carol White Tietjen, Hilton Head Healing Arts - Hilton Head, SC
40 Miles North East of Savannah Georgia, zip 29938

James Lancaster - Spartanburg, SC
call: 864-431-0558  or email:


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South Dakota - Shaman Healers

click for South Dakota Shamanic Teachers

Marlana White Raven - Lead, South Dakota
call: 605-641-5467  or email:


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Texas - Shaman Healers

click for Texas Shamanic Teachers

Charles Crooks, Shamanic Enterprises - Allen, TX

Blue Knight Shaman, Michael Stephens - Austin, TX

Heather Davies, LCSW, Phoenix Thriving - Austin, TX

Ira Knox, Zia Beaver Consulting - Austin, TX

Janie Villarreal "White Spirit Feather" - Arlington, TX
Between Fort Worth and Dallas

Shamanic Passages, Gerry Starnes - Austin, TX

Tamie Stewart, Whole Heart and Soul - Austin, TX
phone: 512-294-4605   or email:

Wayne Ishee, Blue Dragon Shamanic Healing - Austin, TX

Nik Kowalew - Corpus Christi, TX, Maia - Dallas, TX

Valley Reed, Chrysalis Healing Arts - Dallas, TX

Jesus F. Anaya - Houston, TX

Rebecca Moondancer Wolf - Forth Worth, TX

Burton Wilson, Quantum World - Frisco, TX
North of Dallas

Jeanie Griffin, A Space For Healing - Grapevine, TX
Near Dallas and Forth Worth

Randall Sexton - Jacksonville, TX

Bobby Sanchez, The Curandero of Dallas - Richardson, TX
near Dallas

Milady's Healing Corner, Lisa Center - Rising Star, TX

Peg Hubbard - Springtown, TX
NW of Fort Worth

Mary Celeste Nyberg - Tyler, TX
Serving East Texas, Dallas and Shreveport, Louisiana

Madhavi Kata Chalasani - The Woodlands, TX
30 miles North of Houston


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Tennessee - Shaman Healers

Alex Johnson, The Truth Awaits - Johnson City, TN
Serves the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee and Virginia

Claudia Rosewolf - Nashville, TN

Cindy MoonRose, Spiritual Approach to Intelligent Living - Nashville, TN
email:  or call: 615-876-2635

Roy Hamilton - Nashville, TN

Jeffrey and Ariel Pierce, AET Holistic Concepts - Pigeon Forge, TN

Daniel & Jenni Lupinski - Unicoi, TN
Near Johnson City.
call:  (860) 706-2400   or email:


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Utah - Shaman Healers

click for Utah Shamanic Teachers

Elena Radford, Principles of Inca Shamanism - Heber, UT

Tobias Christensen, HealingDrummer - Park City, UT

Andrea Bernstein, Conscious Destiny - Salt Lake City, UT

Christopher Ulm - Salt Lake City, UT

Dee Ann Nichols, Evolutionary Spirit - Salt Lake City, UT


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Vermont - Shaman Healers

click for Vermont Shamanic Teachers

Camille Poisson, Shamanic Practitioner - Barnard, VT
call 802-234-9416   or email:

Janet Heartson, Wellness Consulting - Barnet, VT
12 miles South of St. Johnsbury, 50 miles north of White River Jct

CT Healing Arts, John Kelly - Bradford, VT

Nanci Bern, In-Sight Healing - Brattleboro, VT

Michael Watson, JourneyWorks * - Burlington, VT

Wolves Singing Heyokah Center For Multi-Cultural Urban Shamanism LLC - Burlington, VT

Diana Webster, Healing Connections - Danville, VT
30 miles east of Montpelier

Peter Clark, Shaman's Flame - East Calais, VT
13 miles north of Montpelier

Peg Duval, Psychotherapist and Shamanic Practitioner - Johnson, VT 05656
call 802-635-7955 or email

Stephanie Foy, Center for Dimensions in Healing - Williamsville, VT
Near Brattleboro, VT and 35 miles east of Bennington

Jessie Jerry, Indigo's Muse - Vergennes, VT

Montpelier Area:

Susan Grimaldi, M.ED. - Montpelier, Vermont

Lucid Path Healing Arts, Wendy Halley - Northfield, VT 14 Miles South of Montpelier

Teri J. Dluznieski, Yaguarctia healing - Poultney, VT
(about 20 mile west of Rutland, VT)

The Highland - Center for Heath and Healing - Worcester, VT


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Virginia - Shaman Healers

click for Virginia Shamanic Teachers

August G Lageman - Abingdon, VA

Ricardo Sanchez, Inka Wisdom - Centreville, VA
Trips to Peru as well

Metta Knowled for Peace, Rachel Mann - Charlottesville, VA

My Mind Body Spirit Inc., Robin Thompson - Fairfax, VA

Veins of Silver LLC, Mignon Manin Erixon-Stanford - Fredericksburg, VA

Tom Crockett, Bliss Dreaming Integral Shamanism - Newport News, VA

Franzelle Carmon, Spiritriders - Roanoke, VA
call: 540-597-4931  or email:

Wayne Hart, White Stag Healing - Spotsylvania, VA
Near Fredericksburg, Virginia

ANIMAL Teachers Enterprises - Springfield, VA
(west of Washington DC)

Sandrabear of the Bear Clan - Springfield, VA
(west of Washington DC)

Lindy Felix, Healing Arts Practitioner - Vesuvius, VA
Lexington, VA area in Shenandoah Valley
call: 540-261-2010 or email:

John Shaw at Energy In Motion - Virginia Beach, VA

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Washington - Shaman Healers

click for Washington Shamanic Teachers

Spiderlinks, Core Shamanic Community Network - Practitioner Listing, Mostly West Coast at this time

Lora Jansson Shamanic Services - Bainbridge Island, WA

Leslie Conton, Faculty Foundation for Shamanic Studies - Bellingham, WA
call: (360) 650-4904   or email:
see also:

Rich CrystalWolfe Baker, CrystalWolfe Blends - Cheney, WA
Near Spokane

Shoshana Avree, In Spirit - Eastsound, WA (San Juan Islands)

Franki Storlie, Spirit Circle - Ellensburg, WA

Sarah Hanson, Gaiagarde Healing Works - Friday Harbor, WA
Frequently travels in the Western Washington area, plus long-distance healing

Tamra Karuna - Olympia, WA

Peter Brown - Olympia, WA

Tana Hamiter, On Wings of Light - Sedro Woolley, WA (half our South of Bellingham)

Siwar Qenti Foundation - Sequim, WA
Stacia Neagle, Jeff Chambers, Judy Chambers, Victoria Reddick healers which can be contacted through the site's email

Debra Oliver, Inner Prophet - Limitless.... - Shoreline, WA

Mary Ziegler - Steilacoom, WA

Betsy Bergstrom, Heart Centered Shamanic Healing

Jayson Ayrn Starfeather, Spiritual Life Coach, Shaman, Advisor - Vancouver, WA
Near Portland, OR

Jeff Elkins, Crystal Earth Rhythms - Vancouver, WA
call:   360-713-8872   or email

Michelle Christensen, Ancient Wellspring - Vancouver, WA

See Canada Listing for People in Vancouver Canada

Seattle Area:

Corporate Culture Counseling: Mark Blair, Corporate Shaman - Redmond, WA

Christine Marie Wallace - Seattle, WA

DeeAnn Grimes Saber, Transformational Medicine Incorporated - Seattle, WA

Estee Tachereau, Hummingbird Shaman - Seattle, WA
scroll down to Schedule a Session for Contact Info

Fremont Healing Arts - Seattle, WA
Multiple healers listed at this site.

Faye "The Tattooed Psychic" - Seattle, WA

Jennifer Sanfilippo Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Healing - Lynnwood, WA (North Seattle Area)

Labyrinthine - Seattle, WA

Lisa Eileen Lentz, Siete Lobos Healing Arts - Seattle, WA

Michelle McKinney, Healing Winds - Seattle, WA

Circle of the Living Earth - Seattle, WA

Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing - Seattle, WA (includes pet/animal healing)

Russian Esoteric Academy of Happiness  - Seattle, WA

Tanya, Dream Eagle Healing - Seattle, WA

Tasara, Littlelight Ceremony - Seattle, WA

Tamika Williams - Seattle, WA

Siwar Qenti Foundation - Sequim, WA  (Near Port Angeles)
Multiple healers includes Victoria Reddick, Jeff Chambers, Stacia Neagle


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Washington D.C. - Shaman Healers

click for Washington DC Shamanic Teachers

Virginia Alter, Starsister - Washington, DC

Wendy Harper, HunabKu Healing™ - Washington DC

Maryland Shamanic Center - Columbia, MD
List an office located in Washington DC


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West Virginia - Shaman Healers

William Knox, O.S.C.M, ThD - Ravenswood, WV


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Wisconsin - Shaman Healers

click for Wisconsin Shamanic Teachers

Zach Sevela, Soul Whisperer - Appleton, WI

Loretta Ferg, Shamanic Practioner - Amherst, WI
Located 15 minutes from Steven Point, WI
call: 715-824-2373 or email:

John and Bruce Durward, Song of Sirius Learning Center - Ashland, WI

Benjamin Talbot - Beaver Dam, WI

Archan Sramek - Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Calleen Bohl, Loving Light Healing - Brookfield, WI
Near Milwaukee

Roxanne R Perillo, Spirit of the Owl Healing Arts - De Pere, WI
Green Bay area

Sacred Way, Lee Hilfiker - Eau Claire, WI
(80 miles east Minneapolis, MN)

Laural Virtues Wauters, Tree of Life Awakening - Green Bay, WI

Amy Nicholson, Earth Spirit Healing Arts - Madison, WI

The Hollow Bone (Ana Larramendi) - Madison, WI

Peter Deane - Madison, WI
call: 608-628-8885   or email:

Shamanic Shift - Milwaukee, WI

Valerie Gayle - Milwaukee, WI

Sacred Shamanic Pathways, Deborah Chinana - Seymour, WI

Golden Light Healing, Amy Wilinski - Sobieski, WI

Charmaine Singletary, Ayni Services LLC - Wauwatosa, WI


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Canada - Shaman Healers

Click for Canada Shamanic Teachers

also check which has a decent list for Canada under practitioners.


Blair Collins & James Tweedie, Aloha Shaman Arts - Calgary, Alberta

Aron Kaczmar, Plant Spirit Shamanism - Calgary, Alberta

Corrina Rasmussen, World Unity Shamanic Training Institute - Calgary,Alberta

Garrett McCoy at Our Angels Center for Wellbeing - Calgary, Alberta see also

Leia Gamache, WhiteFire Coaching - Calgary, Alberta

Mark Hoppe, Ascending Energy - Calgary, Alberta

Mary Jane Pfeifer, Enerjane - Calgary, AB, Canada

Samantha Hussey, Arhithena Healing Arts - Calgary, Alberta

Soul Healing by Laureen Rama - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (must email to find out about healing)

Jeff Stockton, Celtic Shaman - Water Valley, Alberta 
Near Calgary, Alberta

British Columbia:

Lighthouse Healing Centre - Langley, BC (28 miles SE of Vancouver)

John-Luke Edwards, Wolfindark - Lions Bay, British Columbia
Near Vancouver

Deborah Hollins, Divine Source & Circle of the Whispering Earth - Nanaimo, BC

Dawn Dancing Otter - Penticton, BC
60 kilometers from Kelowna

Dr. Anne Little & Transpersonal Psychology - North Vancouver, BC

Alexina Mehta - Vancouver, BC

Angela Prider, HeartQuest Holistic Wellness Centre - Vancouver, BC

Rainbow Sun Healing Center - Vancouver, B.C., Canada

carol weaver, spiritworXshamanics - Vancouver & Bornaby, BC (plus Kamloops and Sorrento)

Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta, Children of the Seven Rays - Vancouver, British Columbia

Spencer Isaac, 41 Kumalak (Ancient Shamanic Divination) - Vancouver, British Columbia

Sandra Molendyk, Sage and Cedar Intuitive Healing & Shamanic - Vancouver, BC

PEQ SKWETO (White Raven) - Vernon, BC
call:   (250) 503-1281    or email:

Turtle Island Healing - Delta, B.C. (Vancouver Area)

Sarah Hanson, Gaiagarde Healing Works - Friday Harbor, WA, USA
Across Haro Straight from Victoria

New Brunswick:

Desiree (Dez) Albert, Souls Healing Path - Oromocto, NB, Canada
Near Fredericton, New Brunswick


Janice Skiffington - St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada


Tamare White-Wolf, Earth and Sky Connection - Barrie, Ontario

Dale & Jaine Newsham, The Wound Tracker - Crystal Beach, Ontario

Coyote Craftchick, Coyote Springs - Haliburton, Ontario
Located 2.5hrs. north of Toronto, 1hr. East of Bracebridge, 1hr. South of Huntsville, 1.5hrs. West of Peterborough

Georgia March, Spirit Girl - London, Ontario

Sirmiq Aattuq, Melting the Ice in the Heart of Man - Mississauga, ON

Algonquin Shaman, Pete Bernard - Ottawa, Canada

Andrew Mackie, Lonesome Wolf Healings - Ottawa, Ontario

Fiona Newman, The Healing House - Peterborough, Ontario

Black Lightning Lodge - Toronto, Canada

Daniel Leonard, The Medicine Circle - Toronto, Ontario

Penny Winestock, HeartWisdom - Toronto, Ontario

Shaman Song - Toronto, Canada

The Sacred Place Within Academy, Jeannette McCullough  - Wainfleet, ON, Canada

Glenn Campbel, FSS Faculty - Whitby, Ontario
Teaches for Foundation for Shamanic Studies in Ottawa, Peterborough and Toronto
email:  or phone: 905 430-4953


Lisa F.Tardiff, Genesic Consultants - Carignan, Quebec

Stéphanie Gagné, PLANET-TERRE - Montreal, Quebec

Labreche Stephane - Verdun, Quebec
call: 438-869-6540 or email:

Grosser Bär Edo Nahkohe - Blanc Sablon
site is in German



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National Practitioner / Healer Locators

Shamanic - Sandra Ingerman's Site to Locate Shamanic Teachers and Healers in your area - an extensive list.

Society for Shamanic Practitioners - A Society for Shamanic practitioners but it also lists healers as well.

Shaman Portal - A directory that lists healers, teachers, events and provides a forum focused on Shamanism, Shamanic Practice etc.


Healing Arts Network

Fox Fire Institute Practitioner List click on Locate Practitioner


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National Organizations

Shamanism Foundation for Shamanic Studies  - Classes in Core Shamanism

Shamanic Circles Home

DREAM CHANGE COALITION -Shamanism, Activism, Rainforest Preservation ...

Circle of the Sacred Earth Shamanic Church

Shamanic Visions


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International - Europe and Beyond
Shaman Healers

Jump to: AustraliaSouth America | Germany | Netherlands | The United Kingdom | Sweden |Other Europe

Click for Europe and Beyond Shamanic Teachers

Shamanic - Sandra Ingerman's Site to Locate Shamanic Teachers and Healers, last time I checked included: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. Click to go directly to healer page.

Randall Sexton - Dhaka, Bangladesh

Grandmaster Don - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Shiddhi Kumar - Naya Bazar,Pokhara, Kaski, Nepal
call: 977 9846020925

Clack William - Benin, Edo, Nigeria
phone: 2348075423217

Nikolay Oorzhak, Tuvan Shaman, Master of Throat Singing - Kyzyl, Tuva, Russia

Lyn De La Motte, Shamanic Journeys - Cape Town, South Africa Shamanism - Chiang Mai, Thailand


Crystalstar Rita - Zoersel, Antwerp, Belgium

John Russell-Moller - Copenhagen, Denmark

Jacob Lorentz Peer Hansen - Copenhagen, Denmark

Katia (Katarina) Bask - Helsingfors, Finland

Dielle Ciesco - Western France

Tom Jackson, Little Moon River - Tynset, Norway

WhiteCougar - Tromsoe, Norway

Joanna Barnes - Vila da Luz, Algarve, Portugal

Olga Kalinova - Prague, Czech Republic
email:   or call: +420-736684725

Joanna Barnes - Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

Kupferschmid Philipp, Shamanic Dream - Basel, Switzerland


Australia - Shaman Healers

click for Australia Shamanic Teachers

Kim and Shaun Leyland, Unfolding - Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
Offer workshops and healing services around Australia and New Zealand, faculty members for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in Australia
call: 08 89524678 or email:

Soul Weaving, Misha Hoo - Cape Tribulation, QLD, Australia

Crystal Cascades Healing Centre, ShMaya Houtman  - Redlynch, Cairns, Australia

Debra Davey, Healing Specialist - Dandenong, Nth. Vic, Australia
call: 0425767588   or email
Within 20 miles of Melbourne

Antonia Newlands - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
call: 041 558 7958   or email:

Cate Lines, Spirit of the Earth Soul Retreat - Denmark, Western Australia

Terri Batten - Gold Coast, Australia
email:   or call: 0405434666

Nola DeWit, Change Now - Glandore, South Australia  (also does shamanic healing)

Australasian Institute for Shamanic Studies AISS, June Winsome-Smith and Burt Hambright - Inglewood, Western Australia


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Germany - Shaman Healers

click for Germany Shamanic Teachers

Serena Lorenz, Shamanic Trail - Marienstr. 90, Oberhausen, Germany

Viola Flambé, Schamanische Praxis - Kelheim, Bayern, Germany

Varuna - Dortmund, Germany

Turtle Winds Firewalker, Cherokee Indian - Wipperfürth, NRW, Germany

Die Schamanenstube - Europe, German Speaking


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Netherlands - Shaman Healers

click for Netherlands Shamanic Teachers

Shu'em Shamanic Healing - Amsterdam, Netherlands

coen Tuerlings, soundwork-helende klanken - Tilburg, NB, The Netherlands


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South America - Shaman Healers  (and Central)


Amauta Julián Katari, Muxuq Nina - La Paz, Bolivia

Brasil / Brazil

Marcus Fraga, Terra Mistica - Tataup, São Paulo, Brasil


Mayan Spirituality, Jose Ajin - Buena Vista, Chimaltenanago, Guatemala


Ed and Tania Tuttle, Samai Center - Manglaralto, Santa Elena, Ecuador


Roberto Chavez, sankenowe - Cusco, Peru

Blue Morpho Tours - Amazon Jungle Adventure Tour, Shamanic Tours, Shaman Guided Workshops - Iquitos, Peru

Alan Shoemaker Director of Soga Del Alma - Iquitos, Peru

Chamanes Shipibos - Lima, Peru (This group is focused on Ayahuasca cermonies.)

Doris Avecillas, Wahca Wayna Apu Healing Centre - San Sebastian Cusco, Peru


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Sweden - Shaman Healers

click for Sweden Shamanic Teachers

Sejdman Kluve - Blentarp, Sweden

Thomas Zetterström, Epicjourney Hb - Njurunda, Medelpad, Sweden

Staffan Ljung, Traditionell botekonst - Soraker, Sweden

Sinnlig Kunskap, SolKarina - Umeå, Sweden

Korpmor - Sweden


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The United Kingdom - Shaman Healers

Jump to:  England | Northern Ireland | Scotland | Wales

Click for UK Shamanic Teachers




Eagle's Wing Centre for Contemporary Shamanism * - London, UK

Caitlin Matthews, FIOS - London

Mackenzie Blyth - London, UK (or you may email)
Siberian trained

Malcolm Moore, Shamanic Healing Practitioner - Hanwell, London, UK

Shaman UK - London, UK

Zannie Rose, Time for You - Gloucester Terrace, London, England

Health Touch, Deirdre Gough - Putney, Southwest London, UK

Heart Medicine, Mirela Vukman Neylan - West London, UK

Wendy J Ryan, The Mystery School of Amaru - Princes Risborough, Bucks, UK
Forty minutes east of Oxford

Jason Baki, Worlds of Shamanism - Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, UK
"Very near London"

Michael Meredith, Sunflower Health - Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK

Victoria Clark, Farrlands Holistic Health - Darlington, County Durham, UK
phone: 07779571063 or email:

Hawkshouse - Centre for Shamanic Development - Heanor, Derbyshire, UK

Kamdaris Training - Devon, UK

Zelia Pye, Shamanic Trance Dance - Ottery St Mary, Devon, UK

Avalon Lau, Way of the Wild Rose - Torquay, Devon, UK

Chetna Lawless, Vision Voyages - Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK

Skie Hummingbird - Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, UK

Mark Barwell, Equinox - Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, UK
District of Southend-on-Sea, Essex. 40 miles from London.

Charly Flower, Flower Soldier - Weston under Penyard, Ross on Wye, Hertfordshire

Dawn Paul, Liberate - St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK

Dianne Bryan, ShamanZarus - Hornsea, UK
Near the sea, west of York. Can work at a distance.
phone: 01964 537857 or email:

Spirit of Healing - Woodchurch, Kent, UK

Paul Francis, Therapeutic Shamanism - Lancaster, Lancs. UK

Dr. Margaret Walton - Preston, Lancashire, UK

Teresa Lewis, Healing Tree Therapies - Leicester, UK

Alexia Elliott, Talking Cures Training - Linden Cottage, Lindridge Lane Desford, Leicester, UK

World Tree - Morecambe, UK

Ross Heaven, The Four Gates Foundation - Newhaven, UK

North Yorkshire Shamanism - Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Jayne Johnson, Embodied Shamanism - White Pastures, Richmond, North Yorkshire UK

Kim McMuldrow, MoonWind Shamanic Ways - Leebotwood, Church Stretton, Shropshire, UK

The Warrior in the Heart - Glastonbury, Somerset, UK

Sacred Hill Shamanic Healing - Glastonbury, Somerset, UK

Peta Jane Gulliver, Healing Ways - New Lane, Holbrook, Suffolk

Shila Patel, Shuh Shuh Guh (The White Heron) - Horley, Surrey, UK

Vanessa Ashworth, Energetic DNA - Whyteleafe, Surrey, UK

Bary Male - The Life Center - York, UK

Northern Ireland:

None but: click for Ireland Shamanic Teachers


Click for Scotland Shamanic Teachers

Lendrick Lodge, Stephen Mulhearn - Callander, Scotland

AstroShamanism - Forres, Moray

Carol Day, The Little Red Drum - Cupar, Fife, Scotland

Mike Masters, Alive Therapies - Kingskettle, Fife, Scotland

Daila Consolaro - Edinburgh, Scotland

Ian Heslop, - Edinburgh, West Lothian

The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre - Edinburgh, Scotland

Pol Mollan, Yoga Meditation Healing - Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Yoga center which offers shamanic healing

Brian Anderson, Earth to Heart - Perth, Scotland



Click for Wales Shamanic Teachers

Jazampa Shamanic Tantra - Aberystwyth, Ceredigion

Rosi Beech & Keith Harrison - Llandysul, Ceredigion, Wales

The Earthstar Centre - Boncath, West Wales

Shamanic Healing and Workshops, Sarah Howcroft-Lane - Brecon, Powys, Wales
(In Beacons National Park, near Brecon, 40 miles from Cardiff)


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